Rebecca and Tanya's Pleasant Ridge Engagement

I remember sitting in the coffee shop waiting to meet Rebecca and Tanya.  A girl next to me was wearing the same sweater as me and I was freaking out, luckily she left before they arrived.  I went up to the counter to get the Wi FI password when two women, who caught my eye walked in.  I thought to myself, WHOA this couple eludes this amazing confidence and beauty.  I was taken back by them.  When I found out they were my potential clients, I knew I had too be their photographer.  I was literally attracted to their warmth and authentic energy from the moment I met them.   

For their engagement session I suggested we start at their home.  It was so beautiful and the light pouring in was a dream.  After we spent some time there with their 2 dogs, we headed to French Park for a quick sunset session, my absolute favorite!

I took a very expired roll of film with me to play around at this shoot.  While processing it I made few mistakes which added extreme grain, but I love the results so much.  This is a double exposure of the couple and a dandelion flower.

Family Love at Devou Park

Getting a glimpse into the raw, unfiltered parts of people and their lives is why I am a photographer.   It is the only thing I can do to express my emotion, to find balance, and to satisfy my intense need to give.  I see a bit of myself in everyone I photograph.  

These images make me feel good.  They make me smile.  They make me want to grab my son and go outside to enjoy the sunshine on our faces.  Sara and her warrior strength coupled with intense vulnerability, Forest looking at his girls with such adoration and love fills me with hope and pride.  I love this little family and I am thinking about them deeply today.  

With the love we have in our hearts, we can turn this world around. 


Mandy and Landon's Neltner's Farm Wedding

Mandy and Landon were married a few weeks ago at one of my favorite places to work, Neltner's Farm.  It was a hot summer day and everything, especially Mandy's big smile was shining bright.  Mandy and Landon are carefree and fun.  He has a great sense of humor and she loves to laugh.  I can't think of a better way to spend their lives together.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend such a special day with the two of them.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

neltnerfarmweddingneltnerfarmwedding (1)neltnerfarmwedding (4)neltnerfarmwedding (5)neltnerfarmwedding (6)neltnerfarmwedding (82)neltnerfarmwedding (7)neltnerfarmwedding (8)neltnerfarmwedding (9)neltnerfarmwedding (10)neltnerfarmwedding (11)neltnerfarmwedding (14)neltnerfarmwedding (13)neltnerfarmwedding (16)neltnerfarmwedding (18)neltnerfarmwedding (21)neltnerfarmwedding (22)neltnerfarmwedding (24)neltnerfarmwedding (26)neltnerfarmwedding (27)neltnerfarmwedding (29)neltnerfarmwedding (30)neltnerfarmwedding (33)neltnerfarmwedding (34)neltnerfarmwedding (35)neltnerfarmwedding (36)neltnerfarmwedding (31)neltnerfarmwedding (32)neltnerfarmwedding (37)neltnerfarmwedding (38)neltnerfarmwedding (41)neltnerfarmwedding (85)neltnerfarmwedding (43)neltnerfarmwedding (44)neltnerfarmwedding (45)neltnerfarmwedding (46)Nikitagross_polaroidwedding_2134neltnerfarmwedding (48)neltnerfarmwedding (50)neltnerfarmwedding (51)neltnerfarmwedding (86)neltnerfarmwedding (52)neltnerfarmwedding (53)Nikitagross_polaroidwedding_2137Nikitagross_polaroidwedding_2138Nikitagross_polaroidwedding_2139neltnerfarmwedding (55)neltnerfarmwedding (56)neltnerfarmwedding (71)neltnerfarmwedding (63)neltnerfarmwedding (66)neltnerfarmwedding (68)neltnerfarmwedding (69)neltnerfarmwedding (70)neltnerfarmwedding (67)neltnerfarmwedding (73)neltnerfarmwedding (75)


Rebecca and Steven at Ault Park

The biggest perk of my job has always been getting a glimpse at the intimate parts of people's relationship.  It is when people trust me enough to open up and show me how they love that my adrenaline starts pumping and I know I will create something authentic.   I encourage a lot of touching and connecting during photo sessions.  Posed pictures are pretty, but the ones that sing to me are the ones that capture the emotion.

I spent a beautiful morning with Rebecca and Steven at one of my favorite parks recently.  I left with a full and happy heart.

Thank you for sharing your love with me you two.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day. aultparkportraits_1919aultparkportraits_1920aultparkportraits_1921aultparkportraits_1922aultparkportraits_1923aultparkportraits_1926aultparkportraits_1928aultparkportraits_1929aultparkportraits_1931aultparkportraits_1932aultparkportraits_1933aultparkportraits_1935aultparkportraits_1939aultparkportraits_1940aultparkportraits_1944aultparkportraits_1945

Kyleigh and Derek

I have had the extreme pleasure of photographing Kyleigh's family over the past 7 years.  From family photos, to senior photos, to anniversaries, it has been an absolute honor to document so many joyous life moments.  Kyleigh has always been a very driven girl.  Her calm, level headed attitude is a breath of fresh air.  She is living proof that the new generation of adults are respectful and hardworking.  She busted her butt to become a nurse and I have first hand experience, because of a recent sickness in my own family,that she is a good one. (By chance, a dear person to me who is hospitalized right now has been taken care of very well by Kyleigh).

Derek is a perfect fit for Kyleigh.  He is laid back and so sweet.  Whenever he is around Kyleigh he lights up in a way that lets you know their love is the special kind.  Together, they have already bought their dream home far from the city, their peaceful oasis.  I am so excited to watch them grow together as a couple.

Thank you for the amazing day Kyleigh and Derek.  I can't wait to see you again soon.


New Year's Eve Wedding at The Bell Event Centre

I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year than spending it celebrating love.  I am excited to share some of Hannah and Zach's wedding today.  Inspiration hit me to present a wedding entirely in black and white and this wedding was perfect.   I love how it makes things feel timeless and you are really drawn into the emotion in the images. Here are a few of my favorites.  Thank you to Dana Rogers for being an amazing second shooter for this wedding.  Her use of light fit with my editing perfectly.belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1720belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1722belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1723belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1724belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1725belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1727belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1728belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1729belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1731belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1732belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1733belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1734belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1736belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1738belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1740belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1742belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1741belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1743belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1778Magoto Wedding_1714belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1780belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1746belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1744belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1745belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1747belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1748belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1749belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1750belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1751belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1752belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1753belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1756belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1758belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1759belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1760belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1761belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1764belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1765belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1766belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1767belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1768belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1757belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1769belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1770belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1771belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1772belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1773belleventcerntrenewyearseve_1774

A Christmas Engagement at home

Laid back and full of laughs, Savannah and Andrew's session with their son Hudson was so much fun for me.  They wanted to celebrate their family and the labor of love they put into rehabbing their home.  It was really cool hanging out with a family so similar to my own.  Hudson is a few months older than my son, so seeing the cuteness I have in store made me really happy.  I am excited I get to spend more time with this family next summer at their wedding.

christmas-engagement_1617christmas-engagement_1625christmas-engagement_1626christmas-engagement_1628christmas-engagement_1629christmas-engagement_1631christmas-engagement_1632christmas-engagement_1633christmas-engagement_1634christmas-engagement_1635christmas-engagement_1636christmas-engagement_1640christmas-engagement_1642christmas-engagement_1644christmas-engagement_1645christmas-engagement_1647christmas-engagement_1648christmas-engagement_1649christmas-engagement_1650christmas-engagement_1651christmas-engagement_1654christmas-engagement_1656Hudson had his nap and I got to spend some time with Savannah and Andrew.  I loved how expressive and warm Savannah's personality is.   Her smile was contagious. christmas-engagement_1657christmas-engagement_1659christmas-engagement_1662christmas-engagement_1664christmas-engagement_1665christmas-engagement_1667christmas-engagement_1671christmas-engagement_1673christmas-engagement_1674christmas-engagement_1675christmas-engagement_1676christmas-engagement_1677christmas-engagement_1678christmas-engagement_1704christmas-engagement_1681christmas-engagement_1683christmas-engagement_1684christmas-engagement_1685christmas-engagement_1686christmas-engagement_1689christmas-engagement_1690christmas-engagement_1695christmas-engagement_1696christmas-engagement_1697christmas-engagement_1703christmas-engagement_1707christmas-engagement_1710christmas-engagement_1713


Celebrating 25 years of friendship, wild and free.   When Sara contacted me about a special shoot she wanted to set up with two of her lifelong friends, I was thrilled.  These ladies represent what togetherness feels like,  they represent what real support is.  They are proof that life is just better with good friends by your side.  In a way I am envious of this kind of bond, I can't imagine how special it must feel to know each other so well.  Thank you for the amazing day, ladies.  I am still buzzing from this shoot with you. <3sisterhood_1596sisterhood_1599sisterhood_1600sisterhood_1603sisterhood_1604sisterhood_1605sisterhood_1606sisterhood_1608sisterhood_1609sisterhood_1612sisterhood_1601sisterhood_1611sisterhood_1598sisterhood_1595sisterhood_1610Before we left for the shoot we spent a little time with Sara's daughter Ryman and her aunts.  These are the kind of images I love for.  Memories to last a lifetime.  sisterhood_1593sisterhood_1592sisterhood_1591sisterhood_1590sisterhood_1589

Olivia and Carson's Cincinnati Engagement

Olivia and Carson drove up from Louisville for their engagement session. Olivia is studying architecture so she suggested we meet at the Contemporary Art Center downtown.  The building, designed by Zaha Hadid is a work of art in itself.   We got lucky inside as we stumbled into the Unmuseum where there were two interactive exhibits we spent some time in.  I loved playing with the lights and reflections.  What an inspiring day!  Thank you for the amazing afternoon Olivia and Carson.

cacengagement_1495cacengagement_1496cacengagement_1497cacengagement_1498cacengagement_1499cacengagement_1503cacengagement_1505cacengagement_1507cacengagement_1508After the art center, we headed to one of my favorite parks.  We were lucky to experience some really beautiful light and color. cacengagement_1510cacengagement_1511cacengagement_1512cacengagement_1513cacengagement_1514cacengagement_1515

Mandy and Landon's Autumn Engagement

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year.  The beautiful warm light and bright colors inspire me to no end.  I love when I am able to schedule photo shoots during this time of year.  I would shoot every day if I could.  Mandy and Landon met me at one of my favorite parks for their engagement session.  It was such a pleasure getting to know them while we ran around chasing the sun.  I am really excited about their wedding next year.mainstraussengagement_1465mainstraussengagement_1466mainstraussengagement_1467mainstraussengagement_1468mainstraussengagement_1469mainstraussengagement_1470mainstraussengagement_1472mainstraussengagement_1473mainstraussengagement_1474mainstraussengagement_1475mainstraussengagement_1477mainstraussengagement_1478mainstraussengagement_1479mainstraussengagement_1480mainstraussengagement_1481mainstraussengagement_1483mainstraussengagement_1484mainstraussengagement_1485mainstraussengagement_1482mainstraussengagement_1488mainstraussengagement_1489mainstraussengagement_1490mainstraussengagement_1491mainstraussengagement_1493mainstraussengagement_1494

Kat and Andrew's Spring Grove Wedding

It was serendipitous the way Kat and I met.  She was visiting The Lodge, where my studio is to go over details for her wedding reception that was to be held there.  She and her fiancé were planning  a small wedding at Spring Grove Cemetery.  As she talked about the day I was secretly thinking how cool it would be to photograph it.  Since it was only a couple of weeks away, I assumed she already had a photographer.  Fast forward a few days, Kat contacted me to discuss hiring me to photograph her wedding.  She wanted ceremony coverage and creative portraits and gave me creative freedom to do whatever I wanted.  I was thrilled to work with them.  We have been so lucky with the weather this fall, their wedding day was not excluded.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day starting with a wicked Polaroid.


Jennifer and Dan's Ohio Wedding

Dan and Jennifer drove home to Ohio from Colorado with their sweet dog to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family.  The only thing dramatic about the day was the weather.  It started with a sky full of clouds that eventually moved out in time for their sunny ceremony.  Jennifer's big smile and warm personality lit up the room.  What a dream day to photograph! Happiness is contagious, I was floating on cloud nine at this wedding.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. pyramidhill_wedding_1211ohio_wedding_1280ohio_wedding_1278 ohio_wedding_1279ohio_wedding_1282 ohio_wedding_1284ohio_wedding_1285ohio_wedding_1286ohio_wedding_1287ohio_wedding_1288ohio_wedding_1289ohio_wedding_1290ohio_wedding_1291ohio_wedding_1292ohio_wedding_1293ohio_wedding_1294 ohio_wedding_1299pyramidhill_wedding_1212ohio_wedding_1302ohio_wedding_1307ohio_wedding_1303 ohioweddingohio_wedding_1301ohio_wedding_1306ohio_wedding_1305ohio_wedding_1308ohio_wedding_1309ohio_wedding_1310ohio_wedding_1311ohio_wedding_1312ohio_wedding_1313ohio_wedding_1314ohio_wedding_1315ohio_wedding_1316ohio_wedding_1318ohio_wedding_1320ohio_wedding_1321ohio_wedding_1325ohio_wedding_1326ohio_wedding_1322ohio_wedding_1323ohio_wedding_1324ohio_wedding_1327ohio_wedding_1277

Pam and Joe's Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park Wedding

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is one of the most beautiful wedding locations I have had the pleasure of working at.  You are not only surrounded by art, but the landscaping is also so inspiring for me.  Pam and Joe were wonderful to work with.   They wanted their wedding to be intimate and relaxed, the park was the perfect backdrop for their aesthetic.   It was another one of those days when my job was way too much fun to call it work.pyramidhill_wedding_1221pyramidhill_wedding_1215pyramidhill_wedding_1228pyramidhill_wedding_1276pyramidhill_wedding_1275pyramidhill_wedding_1257pyramidhill_wedding_1258pyramidhill_wedding_1256pyramidhill_wedding_1274pyramidhill_wedding_1226pyramidhill_wedding_1246pyramidhill_wedding_1260pyramidhill_wedding_1244pyramidhill_wedding_1245pyramidhill_wedding_1250pyramidhill_wedding_1249pyramidhill_wedding_1251pyramidhill_wedding_1248pyramidhill_wedding_1247pyramidhill_wedding_1252pyramidhill_wedding_1253pyramidhill_wedding_1267pyramidhill_wedding_1208pyramidhill_wedding_1227pyramidhill_wedding_1229pyramidhill_wedding_1232pyramidhill_wedding_1218pyramidhill_wedding_1224pyramidhill_wedding_1269pyramidhill_wedding_1234pyramidhill_wedding_1220pyramidhill_wedding_1268pyramidhill_wedding_1230pyramidhill_wedding_1233pyramidhill_wedding_1219pyramidhill_wedding_1242pyramidhill_wedding_1241pyramidhill_wedding_1243pyramidhill_wedding_1216pyramidhill_wedding_1223pyramidhill_wedding_1222pyramidhill_wedding_1261pyramidhill_wedding_1265pyramidhill_wedding_1264pyramidhill_wedding_1263pyramidhill_wedding_1262

Welcome to the world little August

If you follow my blog, this family should look very familiar to you.  From their engagement session , their wedding, their maternity session and now as we welcome their sweet little son August into the world,  I am so thrilled and honored to be invited into their lives to share and document these milestones.  Being a new mother made taking newborn photos even more special to me.  I was able to relive and feel their joy on a whole new level.  Seeing the tremendous love they have for their sweet son was so refreshing.  I caught myself tearing up a few times as so many memories of my own son's first days came rushing back to me.   I wanted to tell them over and over to savor every second.  Somehow becoming a parent seems to speed up time.  But I also promised them what everyone has told them, with each new day it gets better and better.  <3fields_newborn_1193fields_newborn_1194fields_newborn_1196fields_newborn_1195fields_newborn_1198fields_newborn_1197fields_newborn_1199fields_newborn_1200fields_newborn_1201fields_newborn_1202fields_newborn_1203fields_newborn_1191fields_newborn_1204fields_newborn_1205

Abby and Jonathan's Ault Park Wedding

 I had the pleasure of spending the day with Abby and Jonathan for their Ault Park wedding.  The dramatic clouds were a gorgeous back drop to their laid back day.  Seeing Abby walk down the steps at the park with her Dad was so dramatic and sweet.   The couple laughed and joked throughout the day, it was nice to be surrounded by such fun people.  I started the day at Abby's mother's home where the view was spectacular.aultparkwedding_1102aultparkwedding_1174aultparkwedding_1106aultparkwedding_1104aultparkwedding_1107aultparkwedding_1108aultparkwedding_1110aultparkwedding_1111aultparkwedding_1112aultparkwedding_1170aultparkwedding_1173aultparkwedding_1172aultparkwedding_1176aultparkwedding_1119aultparkwedding_1120aultparkwedding_1122aultparkwedding_1121aultparkwedding_1123aultparkwedding_1125aultparkwedding_1124aultparkwedding_1100aultparkwedding_1128aultparkwedding_1186aultparkwedding_1189aultparkwedding_1131aultparkwedding_1132aultparkwedding_1133 aultparkwedding_1134aultparkwedding_1137aultparkwedding_1139aultparkwedding_1135aultparkwedding_1136aultparkwedding_1180aultparkwedding_1141aultparkwedding_1142aultparkwedding_1187aultparkwedding_1148aultparkwedding_1152aultparkwedding_1150aultparkwedding_1165aultparkwedding_1162I was really excited to get a chance to shoot a few Impossible Project polaroid images throughout the day.aultparkwedding_1167aultparkwedding_1168aultparkwedding_1169

The Fields at the Fair

You remember Kendal and Joe's amazing wedding at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, right?  Well, when the most colorful and fun family I know wants to do a maternity session, of course we have to come up with something awesome.  Kendal and I had the idea of doing some kind of photos at a carnival over a year ago.  When she contacted me about setting up a maternity session we both knew it was time.  We met at the Dearborn County fairgrounds for this super fun session.  I am always grateful for the time I get to spend catching up with this family.  I am excited to watch them grow.

maternity_carnival (1)maternity_carnival (2) maternity_carnival (3) maternity_carnival (5)maternity_carnival (4) maternity_carnival (6) maternity_carnival (7) maternity_carnival (8) maternity_carnival (9) maternity_carnival (10) maternity_carnival (11) maternity_carnival (12) maternity_carnival (13) maternity_carnival (14) maternity_carnival (15) maternity_carnival (16) maternity_carnival (17) maternity_carnival (18) maternity_carnival (19) maternity_carnival (20) maternity_carnival (21) maternity_carnival (22)

Courtney And Sam's Josephina Center Wedding

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling about 40 minutes into Kentucky to photograph Courtney and Sam's beautiful wedding at the Josephine Center.  It was a hot day, but that didn't stop us from having a blast.  Courtney blew my mind when she walked out in her off the rack dress that fit her like a glove.  Nothing inspires me more than love, and these two shared it freely with each other and everyone at their wedding.  I am grateful for the opportunity to spend such a special day with these beautiful people.  Thank you Courtney and Sam.

Also, thank you Dana Rogers for being an amazing second shooter for the day. Josephina wedding_1001Josephina wedding_1006 Josephina wedding_1007 Josephina wedding_1008 Josephina wedding_1009 Josephina wedding_1010 Josephina wedding_1011 Josephina wedding_1012 Josephina wedding_1013 Josephina wedding_1014Josephina wedding_1016 Josephina wedding_1017 Josephina wedding_1018 Josephina wedding_1019 Josephina wedding_1020 Josephina wedding_1021 Josephina wedding_1022 Josephina wedding_1023 Josephina wedding_1024 Josephina wedding_1025 Josephina wedding_1026 Josephina wedding_1027Josephina wedding_1030 Josephina wedding_1031Josephina wedding_1004Josephina wedding_1034 Josephina wedding_1035Josephina wedding_1054Josephina wedding_1037 Josephina wedding_1038 Josephina wedding_1039 Josephina wedding_1040Josephina wedding_1005Josephina wedding_1041 Josephina wedding_1042 Josephina wedding_1043 Josephina wedding_1044Josephina wedding_1048 Josephina wedding_1052Josephina wedding_1049 Josephina wedding_1050 Josephina wedding_1051

Courtney and Sam Mt. Airy Forest Engagement

Back when I was huge and pregnant I got to spend some time in Mt. Airy Forest with these two love birds.  Autumn's beautiful colors provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos.  I am  thrilled that tomorrow I get a chance to hang out with them again at their wedding!

See you very soon, Courtney and Sam.  Thank you so much for choosing me to document your day. MtAiryForestengagement_0990MtAiryForestengagement_0991MtAiryForestengagement_0992MtAiryForestengagement_0993MtAiryForestengagement_0994MtAiryForestengagement_0995MtAiryForestengagement_0996MtAiryForestengagement_0997MtAiryForestengagement_0998MtAiryForestengagement_0999MtAiryForestengagement_1000C

Josh and Elizabeth Urban Artifact Northside

This past weekend I got a chance to meet up with an old friend and his new wife to photograph their wedding reception.  Elizabeth and Josh were married in Mexico, they planned a celebration at Urban Artifact.  Since most of their wedding photos were taken on the beach, we decided it would be cool to run around Northside to capture something a little different.  I had such a good time.  It had been a long time since I had a chance to do an urban shoot like this.  This is only my second event of the year after having the baby, so pardon me while I post a ton of my favorites...inspiration was running wild for me this day. urbanartifactwedding_northside_0971urbanartifactwedding_northside_0965urbanartifactwedding_northside_0966urbanartifactwedding_northside_0989urbanartifactwedding_northside_0968urbanartifactwedding_northside_0969urbanartifactwedding_northside_0973urbanartifactwedding_northside_0974urbanartifactwedding_northside_0975urbanartifactwedding_northside_0972urbanartifactwedding_northside_0978urbanartifactwedding_northside_0964urbanartifactwedding_northside_0986urbanartifactwedding_northside_0979urbanartifactwedding_northside_0980urbanartifactwedding_northside_0982urbanartifactwedding_northside_0983urbanartifactwedding_northside_0988urbanartifactwedding_northside_0984urbanartifactwedding_northside_0985

Kyle and Jimmy The Inn at Oneonta

Kyle and Jimmy had a beautiful wedding at one of my favorite venues. The Inn at Oneonta is a beautiful property along the Ohio River.  The couple wanted a relaxed, easy going wedding where they could enjoy time with their family and friends.  From Kyle's bright blue shoes to the dinosaur cake topper, every single detail was a true representation of their fun loving personalities.  It was my pleasure to spend the day with these two.View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: