Today is my favorite day of the year, it's my birthday!

Since I am talking about my favorite's today I am going to share some pictures of one of my favorite cities, Amsterdam.  We visited there a couple of times a few years ago.  It is a beautiful little city full of character and charm as well as characters and charmers.  Very few people drive, almost everyone rides a bike.  The women are tall and beautiful and they all have great style.  The Dutch are known to be very liberal with a do unto others kind of attitude.  I like it.  Things seemed pretty orderly to me.  It was so great that almost everyone spoke English, but it was also cool to walk down the street and hear five different languages.  We had a blast.  Leisure time is not taken lightly and we took advantage of that.  I cannot wait to go back! :) This is our view from our bedroom.  We stayed in the same apartment both times we went.   It was strange to see one of these... amongst all of these. Yes,  sex is everywhere.      Amsterdam is full of surprises around every corner. How about a pirate  pealing an orange in front of the gay cinema, okay, I'll take it. :)   This part of the city was destroyed during WWII so the architecture is more modern.

Their version of a our mini van. Unfortunately all I saw were wooden tulips.  We were a few weeks away from tulip season. :(