Amanda and Michael Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Amanda and Michael, or Mandy and Mo, as their friends call them are absolutely the best clients/friends a girl could ask for.  Not only that,  they are the sweetest, most laid back couple ever.    Their wedding was very chill, no formalities,  just a beautiful, loving ceremony surrounded by tons of close friends and family members.

Everything about this wedding was personal and unique.  Mandy wore her mother's vintage wedding dress.  All of the decor was set up by Mandy's dearest friends.   Jefferson Hall,  where the wedding and reception were held,  is owned by Mandy and Mike's close friends(who are also good friends of mine).   The music was hand picked by Mandy and Mo.  (I am not going to lie, when I walked in and heard Pink Floyd playing I knew was going to be a perfect day!)  They wanted their day to be a celebration of their love,  simple and without fuss, just like them. ;) It was a beautiful wedding day!

Mandy wore Calvin Klein shoes and her mother's vintage wedding dress from 1966.  She is stunning!Petals and Glass from Cincinnati arranged these gorgeous flowers. I heart all things vintage!  Mandy's wedding band is her grandmother's from 1939. The super sweet ceremony. Mandy grew the herbs used in the center pieces.  Her friend Dawn grew the smaller pots of herbs for favors.  The John Lennon quote they attached to the pots was perfect. Mandy's smile can light up a room. Mandy and Mike's dear friends Aaron Hall and Scott Florian did a wonderful job with the food.

The desserts were made by different family members and friends.  You know you are at a kick ass wedding when this is how it ends.