Emily and Jay are getting married!

Emily and Jay met at work.  Their relationship was a little rocky in the beginning.  Jay would pick on Emily and Emily thought he was a creep for it.   Of course Jay says the only reason he would pick on Emily is because he liked her.  Emily needed a date to a Reds game one evening and Jay was available so she asked him to join her.  That was all it took for him to win her over.  He let his guard down and she saw the sweetheart that Jay really is.   What started as a bitter relationship turned elementary crush was now an engagement full of love and affection. :)

I met Emily earlier this year to discuss her wedding details only to discover during the meeting I was already booked on her date.  I left the meeting a little bummed because we hit it off so well.  Emily called me a couple of weeks later to let me know she changed the date of her wedding so that I could be her photographer.  How flattering! :)  Thank you so much Emily and Jay for picking me to be your photographer and thanks the extra fun evening in Covington for your engagement pictures.  I cannot wait until your very special wedding at the gorgeous St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption,  next year.