Experimenting with Ross and Laura

Check out this super talented couple I had the pleasure of photographing.  When I called them up to ask to them to do a shoot, I planned on doing environmental portraits for my on going personal project Artists and Their Space.  Once I started shooting, I knew this wasn't just going to be a standard shoot.  I felt free to explore with them, to experiment.  Some things worked, some didn't, but that the beauty of creating.  We shot through light bulbs and light fixtures,  we used oil lamps and fluorescent bulbs.  It was a blast!  

Ross and Laura have been together since they were teens.  Musically, they are a force.  Ross plays guitar in the , The Tongue and Lips and Laura has her own band called Children of the Emerald Fire.  Together they just started a new band called Electric Citizen.  You can see them tonight at The Southgate House Revival.  Check out their demo here, I have been listening non stop.