New Website!

It had been way too long since I had last updated my website.  I have been in the process of rebuilding for years now.  I would work on it for a few months then get busy and neglect it again.  The company I used for my old website was great, but I needed something a little more user friendly when it comes to updates.  A friend of mine turned me onto Squarespace.  Once I started playing around with it, I knew I found my new platform.  It is very easy to navigate and to update which is key for me.  I feel like I am a pretty good photographer, but when it comes to web design I need things to be simple.  I also need to throw a shout out to GoDaddy.  I have been with them since I bought my first domain.  Their customer service is out of this world.  The representative sat on the phone with me for over an hour explaining SEO and other foreign web lingo to me.  Im telling you, I am web illiterate, I feel like I have a basic understanding now. They also made the transition to a new site so easy.

  With my new site I decided to have sections for all of my work, not just weddings.  I have debated with myself over and over about having a seperate art site.  Lately a lot of my wedding clients are mentioning some of the more artistic shoots I have done when discussing what they want for their wedding.  I absolutely love that.  I decided that all of my work represents me and my aesthetic, so why not just put it all out there.

 I added an inspiration blog to my site called The Daily Dose.  It is my little place on the web where I can share what inspires me.  It's like a my virtual scrapbook.  I hope you are able to find it inspiring as well. :) I am still using this blog to share all of the awesome weddings and photo sessions  I shoot.

My new site still has the same web address as my old one  I promise to update it often, so please stop by and say hello!