iPhone Friday 24 Hours in Chicago

I need a winter project and I just got a new phone, so here I go again.  This time I am going to make it stick...iPhone Friday is back on my blog.

This week I am sharing a few pics from a 24 hour trip to Chicago I took with Chris this week.  He got me tickets to see one of my favorite bands for my birthday.  Since this is the busiest time of year for me we only had time to stay for 24 hours, but thats ok.  We managed to squeeze in all of our favorites...Good food, good music, and the beautiful lake.  We tried Air b&b for the first time.  The experience was very simple.  I chose a place that remindined me a lot of our place, but I booked last minute not paying attention to the fact that the only bed in the apartment was a twin.  Needless to say, we snuggled hard that night.  Here are a few pictures from the trip. 24 hours in ChicagoOur apartment in Logan Square.  Im telling you, the plants and old furniture, it was just like being at home.  There was even a polaroid on the fridge.  24 hours in Chicago (1)The show was sold out.  Before we went we had a nice dinner and drinks.  I told Chris I planned on letting loose at the show.  And I did.  These are the only pictures, because  I screamed and stomped my feet enjoying every second of it.  24 hours in Chicago (2)I can't leave Chicago without a visit to Lake Michigan.  It was a gorgeous day. 24 hours in Chicago (5)24 hours in Chicago (3)24 hours in Chicago (4)I joke that this is our CARaoke album cover.  I sing Chris's ears off when we are in the car together. nikitagross_rockandrollbride_0653