It's refreshing to meet young people who are working hard to plan what their impact on the world will be.  Racquelle is in her senior year this year and plans to study psychology in college next year.  She has a very sweet demeanor and calmness about her personality.   I am sure whatever career she chooses will be one that benefits people in a meaningful way.  I had a really great time running around downtown with her and her mother who I have known for years.

I just love the way her senior pictures turned out.    cincinnatiseniorportraits_0668cincinnatiseniorportraits_0662cincinnatiseniorportraits_0657cincinnatiseniorportraits_0658cincinnatiseniorportraits_0659cincinnatiseniorportraits_0660cincinnatiseniorportraits_0661cincinnatiseniorportraits_0663cincinnatiseniorportraits_0664cincinnatiseniorportraits_0665cincinnatiseniorportraits_0666cincinnatiseniorportraits_0667