Katie and Josh's Fall Engagement Session

This was one of my favorite engagement sessions.  When we were thinking of ideas for Katie and Josh I decided based on their personalities, we should go somewhere that was fun.  They laugh a lot together, so I knew getting good intimate pictures would be easy wherever we went.  I have always loved McGlasson Farm on Route 8.  It is so pretty there year round especially during the fall. We decided to go there after spending a little time at Molly Malone's where Katie and Josh met.   After a couple of drinks at the bar, we headed to the farm.  It was a laid back day.  Everything fell together perfectly.  I was glad to spend so much time with these two.  We have a lot in common, they are super laid back and so much fun!  I can't wait for their wedding next year.fallfarmengagementfallfarmengagement (1)fallfarmengagement (2)fallfarmengagement (3)fallfarmengagement (4)fallfarmengagement (5)fallfarmengagement (6)fallfarmengagement (7)fallfarmengagement (8)fallfarmengagement (9) On a whim I asked them if they wanted to take a ride across the river on the Anderson Ferry since it was on the way back.  We got out and grabbed some pictures, I love the way these turned out.  That sky was amazing!! fallfarmengagement (10)fallfarmengagement (11)fallfarmengagement (12)fallfarmengagement (13)fallfarmengagement (14)fallfarmengagement (15)fallfarmengagement (16)fallfarmengagement (17)