Louisville Family Portraits

Are you ready for some serious cuteness?  Chris and I drove down to Louisville this week to take pictures of our friend Cole and his new family.  It was my first time meeting Mary, Cole's wife,  I adored her from the first minute we walked in their home.  She greeted me with a big hug and huge smile.  I felt like I have known her forever.  They showed us one of their favorite spots downtown where we spent some time taking relaxed pictures.  After that Mary's parents cooked an amazing dinner for us.  We got to experience southern hospitality at it's finest.  It was a wonderful day full of so many laughs.  We are very lucky to have such beautiful people in our lives.

Alright, now onto the pictures, because their little guy Max will bring a smile to anyone's face, this little dude is the cutest. nikitagross_1788nikitagross_1782nikitagross_1801nikitagross_1802nikitagross_1803nikitagross_1783nikitagross_1786nikitagross_1784nikitagross_1785nikitagross_1787nikitagross_1804nikitagross_1781nikitagross_1790nikitagross_1805nikitagross_1798nikitagross_1793nikitagross_1792nikitagross_1799nikitagross_1794nikitagross_1795nikitagross_1797nikitagross_1796