Katie and Kevin's B&B Riverboat Wedding

I have so many weddings from last year to share.  I figured since we are covered in snow and freezing cold why not start with a nice summer wedding.   I had the pleasure of spending July 4th with Kevin and Katie on the B&B Riverboat for their laid back, intimate wedding.  The day was a lot of fun.  My favorite part was when Kevin got out his guitar and sang for Katie, I am such a lush for special moments like that.

Before the boat took off along the river, we jumped off for a few minutes to capture some nice portraits.  I really like the one below a lot. bbriverboatweddingb&briverboatweddingb&briverboatwedding (1)b&briverboatwedding (2)b&briverboatwedding (3)b&briverboatwedding (4)b&briverboatwedding (5)b&briverboatwedding (6)b&briverboatwedding (7)b&briverboatwedding (8)b&briverboatwedding (11)b&briverboatwedding (12)b&briverboatwedding (13)b&briverboatwedding (14)b&briverboatwedding (15)b&briverboatwedding (16)b&briverboatwedding (17)b&briverboatwedding (18)b&briverboatwedding (19)b&briverboatwedding (20)b&briverboatwedding (21)b&briverboatwedding (22)b&briverboatwedding (24)b&briverboatwedding (25)b&briverboatwedding (26)b&briverboatwedding (27)b&briverboatwedding (28)b&briverboatwedding (29)b&briverboatwedding (30)b&briverboatwedding (31)b&briverboatwedding (32)b&briverboatwedding (33)b&briverboatwedding (34)b&briverboatwedding (35)b&briverboatwedding (36)b&briverboatwedding (37)b&briverboatwedding (38)b&briverboatwedding (39)b&briverboatwedding (40)b&briverboatwedding (41)b&briverboatwedding (42)b&briverboatwedding (43)b&briverboatwedding (44)b&briverboatwedding (45)b&briverboatwedding (46)b&briverboatwedding (47)b&briverboatwedding (48)b&briverboatwedding (49)b&briverboatwedding (51)b&briverboatwedding (52)b&briverboatwedding (53)