A Mother's Love

I heard she was a badass woman,  I got to see she is a badass mama.

I watched Grace carry her sweet girl Clementine up a hill on her back, without a complaint,  just to be able to share a waterfall with her.   She took off her shoes,  so she could let the mud slip between her toes.  She asked her to be quiet so that they can hear nature.  She showed her how the natives caught water with their hands.  She gives her the confidence to explore without fear and the guidance to show her the way.  She is the kind of mother I aspire to be.

It’s my first year being a mother.  I have noticed in myself the strong urge to connect with other mothers, and to see how they interact with their little ones.  It warms my heart, and I learn so much from the experience.  I didn’t quite grasp the underlying bond I would have with other mothers, there is something so raw about the shared experience we have., whether this is acknowledged or not.  There is no denying the immense love we have for our children and the sacrifices we make everyday to ensure they feel secure and happy.

I also quickly noticed there are a lot of photos of my son his dad, but not very many with me.  If there are photos of us, I have a ponytail, no makeup, and look tired.  Like most mothers, I am the one with the camera, I want to remember every moment.  Inspired by my shoot with Grace and one I did with my friend Emily awhile back I decided to put together a special Mother’s Love package.  It is a 2 hour photoshoot with you and your kids doing something you love or at a location that is meaningful.  Maybe, you just want to get dressed up and feel great, I don't blame you one bit.  You deserve it.   Whatever you choose, I want to document it for you.

In honor of my very first Mother's Day, I am offering $100 off these special sessions the entire month of May. What a great last minute Mother's Day gift, huh?   Feel free to email me for more info nikita@nikitagross.com