Polaroid and 35mm film Wedding Photos

I have been experimenting with and collecting vintage cameras and film for many years.  I have mainly used them for my art, but as the line between work and art blurs more and more for me, I have a strong urge to shoot more film at weddings.  In fact, every wedding I have booked since offering a Polaroids has added them to their wedding package.   This makes me very, very happy.   I love that I am able to give my clients a unique experience and one-of-a art as wedding photos.  

I set up a shoot with this awesome couple to push things creatively with wedding photography.  I was not their wedding photographer, I share a studio with the bride, Emily so I asked if she and her husband would model for me.  They were so amazing to work with.  My friend Amy Jo from The Pearl and The Petal provided the beautiful florals. 

I started out using fresh 35mm film.  When I say fresh I mean new film, that isn't expired or altered at all.  I love the warmth and mood of this film.  I then used a variety of Polaroid films.  Some are new, some are 17 years old.  Each has their own unique characteristics.  Lastly I used expired 35mm film.  Some of this film is 10+ years old.  I alter the film by soaking it in chemicals, exposing it to light, and exposing the film more than once to create a dreamy atmosphere.

Next year, I want to shoot a small wedding entirely on film.  I want to do it without the worry of strict timelines and high expectations for specific images.  I just want to freely create art that celebrates love. I decided the best way to get my feet back into shooting film is to find a couple to work with for free.  I have special wedding giveaway going on until Nov. 30. 

Here are the details.