Love Love Love

Marisa, who is from America, was living in China.  She was working as a General Manager opening a restaurant for Expats and tourists and teaching Chinese people about Western service.  Jacob had just finished a 3 week journey through Tibet, traveling with a Buddhist Monk visiting monastery's and sleeping with a Tibetan Nomad family who were Yak Shepherds.  

Jacob came to the town Marisa was living in to fly out of the airport there that weekend.  As Marisa was walking into a bar called "Jellyfish",  Jacob was standing outside.   They were both open to love and in a place in their lives where they were ready to accept it.   After a long weekend together,  Marisa moved to Amsterdam to live with Jacob. They have been together ever since. 

Fast forward 6 years later.  They are now married and have a sweet little boy who is the best parts of both of them.  After spending time living in Amsterdam and London, they found their way back to Marisa's home here in Cincinnati.  I suggested we do a mini wedding shoot when they returned since they did not get many photos from their intimate ceremony in England. Marisa showed up in the most beautiful red dress, my heart exploded. 

I had been eyeing the restaurant, Frida in Covington and really wanted to shoot there.    The owners Emily and Paul were very gracious to allow us in on a day they were closed.  Emily also gave this underpass in Covington new life as well.   She is a pioneer in making Covington the amazing place it is today.  <3

I want to thank Evelyn from Eve Floral Co for these AMAZING flowers.  She is absolutely incredible and such a sweet woman.