Rebecca and Tanya Little Red Schoolhouse Wedding

Today, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful story written by Rebecca, one of my past brides. I remember feeling so overwhelmed with love on their wedding day. It was really such a special feeling. She put it into words better than I could

Here is what she wrote.

“I meant this for yesterday, on #nationalcomingoutday, but I’m posting it now because representation matters on every day of the year. 🌈
This was the happiest moment of the happiest day. It felt like something indescribable, like my very cells were charged and vibrating with some wild energy, like we were wrapped in a tangible love force field radiating out of every person present. It gave me chills. I’d never before felt such a shocking depth of emotion, such raw bliss. ✨
I started wrestling with my sexuality as a pre-teen. It’s not something I wanted, it wasn’t a rebellious streak, it wasn’t a choice. As a people-pleaser growing up in a church that actively spoke out against homosexuality, that ranked queer people amongst pedophiles and murderers, I wanted more than anything to be normal. I spent many nights crying and praying and begging to be wrong about myself, and I spent years in a downward mental health spiral.
And then, guess what happened. Yep. I stepped out of that bubble, I learned to love myself, and life turned around fast.
I’d give anything for a time machine, to go back and scoop that little girl up in my arms, to hug my teenage self and tell her what is to come. “You will be happy,” I’d tell her. “You will be loved and you will love yourself. You will be matched with the most incredible soul in the world and together you will work hard and build an inspired life. Your friends will become your family. You will be surrounded and supported and lifted and all of this pain will be just a blur.” 💖
Too many queer kids don’t get a chance to grow up. They get bullied, they get thrown out of their homes, they get abused, they become victims of violence or suicide, and their candles burn out before they have a chance to tell a story like mine. 🖤
In the words written by JKR and spoken so beautifully by our officiant, @chelletresbelle, at the close of our ceremony, “You are protected, in short, by your ability to love.” We can protect the queer people around us, especially the young people, by loving them outright. We can remind them that they’re beautiful, not broken. That we need them. That it gets better. ⚡️”


I felt the electricity she was speaking about. Rebecca and Tanya were surrounded by so much supportive love. I always tell my clients that one of the purposes of a wedding, is for all of the people who love you to lift you up in their love, to set forth the momentum that will become your new life with your partner. To put a huge gust of wind in your sails and give you a giant cosmic group hug. This was a homegrown wedding, Rebecca and her friends made everything from scratch. Tanya, who is a chef made all of the delicious food including incredible Buckeye cupcakes. It was labor of love that didn’t feel like work at all. I am so appreciative for their trust in me to capture such a wonderful day.

This is the photo she posted, and more from this very sweet, intimate wedding.