Greg and Dave's Neltner Farm Wedding

If you want to know what a dream wedding looks like for me, this is it. Of course , Greg and Dave had a beautiful venue, gorgeous flowers, and dapper suits. The food was great, the music kept people moving all night. It was perfect. But, for me the dream comes from creating a space in time where all of the people who love and support you come together and lift you up in their love.

These two men were part of the reason I am able to say 2018 was one of my absolute favorite wedding years to date. Their fun loving attitudes were an absolute pleasure to be around. Their wedding day was full of positivity and love. Everyone smiled, everyone had fun, everyone was ecstatic to be there and to send them soaring into their new life as a married couple feeling supported and celebrated.

Some Polaroids and 35mm film. I hand delivered these to the guys. It was so special being present to see their reaction, Polaroids are meant to be seen in person. Scans are nice, but nothing compares to the actually print.