Music Makers

I love surrounding myself with creative people, I feel like I feed off of them.  Music is probably my biggest source of inspiration, so I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some very talented musicians over the past couple of months.

This is my friend Jeremy and his band The Tongue and Lips. From a recent review by Zach Braun " With a tight rhythm section that veers from Jazzy explorations to Sabbath-style crushing heaviness, reverbedout  guitars, and a vocalist that sounds like Captain Beefheart on meth, The Tongue and Lips are one of the best new bands I've heard in forever. "  Perfect!

Their debut album is being mastered in Los Angeles and will be available very soon.  You can see them every Monday in April at MOTR Pub in Over the Rhine. Another one of my good friends, Shawn and his band Jody Stapleton and the Generals.  They are putting the finishing touches on their debut album.  You can check out a few of their songs here.  I love this review of them from "If you wax nostalgic about the musical style of the 1970s, well, then Jody Stapleton and the Generals is where you should start getting your modern day fix. The four piece has mastered that decade of sound, but has also added some upbeat, modern pop beats into the mix to create a well-rounded, enjoyable experience."

After the promo shoot I got to check out their show at The Drinkery in Over the Rhine.And this is the beautiful Abiyah, a beautiful musician and poet.  A wonderful description "Abiyah has an edge that you rarely find in contemporary women singers—White-bred and pre-packaged, ol’ girl isn’t. As a writer, she’s passionate and onstage she sings, rebel-yells, dub-chants or raps about empowerment like she’s this cunning linguist who studies different languages and stirs them up in her own little dutchie. Abiyah skirts convention, and there are obviously some influences from a wicked orgy of pop-culture pacesetters"  Yes!!!!  Big thanks to Christine Rice for the amazing make up on this shoot!