Brooch Bouqets, I Dig them!

I was first introduced to the brooch bouquet by one of my future bride's, Emily.  WOW!  What a great idea.  They are so beautiful and unique.  No more asking yourself what to do with your bouquet once the wedding is over.   This a piece of art you can keep in your house.  You can incorporate your something new,  something old, something borrowed , and something blue all in your bouquet by getting all of the women in the family to contribute a piece.  Why not make it an heirloom that gets passed down for generations?  If you plan it out early enough just think of all of the fun flea market adventures you can have in search of the perfect pieces. :)

Here are a few examples I found on the web.

These are by Fantasy Floral Designs. Photography credit:Alice Hu.

You find this bouquet here.

It is also very pretty to use both the brooches and a few flowers.

I  found a very good DIY tutorial on making your own brooch bouquet over at FantsyPantsWeddings.