Cincinnati Boudoir Photography Memorial Day Inspired

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this beautiful woman the other day.  When we were going through her outfits for the shoot,  her American flag swimsuit caught my eye.  It wasn't until I was editing that I realized Memorial Day was coming up.  Sometimes things just happen perfectly.  Summertime, here we come!cincinnatiboudoirphotography001cincinnatiboudoirphotography002cincinnatiboudoirphotography002cincinnatiboudoirphotographycincinnatiboudoirphotography005cincinnatiboudoirphotography006cincinnatiboudoirphotography007cincinnatiboudoirphotography008cincinnatiboudoirphotography009cincinnatiboudoirphotography010cincinnatiboudoirphotography011cincinnatiboudoirphotography012 cincinnatiboudoirphotography016cincinnatiboudoirphotography0119cincinnatiboudoirphotography024cincinnatiboudoirphotography021cincinnatiboudoirphotography020cincinnatiboudoirphotography022Before heading outside, we shot a few in her apartment.  I love how these turned out.  Hannah,  you are so gorgeous. cincinnatiboudoirphotography023cincinnatiboudoirphotography024cincinnatiboudoirphotography025cincinnatiboudoirphotography026cincinnatiboudoirphotography027

Cincinnati Maternity Photos

  I first got to know Casey when we worked on this 70's inspired shoot  a couple of years ago.  We became instant friends.  She is someone I consider to be a muse.  Whenever we get together, ideas start flowing naturally.  She is such a beautiful woman both inside and out.  I am very lucky to have her in my life.  She is going to be a wonderful, loving moma.

When Casey said she wanted me to shoot her maternity session I was very excited.  We had been talking about doing a darker shoot for awhile.  We used this as our opportunity to push ourselves in that direction.   We came up with sexy, dark, powerful, images that I absolutely love.  Casey is a goddess! I can't wait to meet her little peanut.

MUA: Christine Rice, Location: Mainstay Rock Bar,  Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell, Hat: Miller Hats

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

Jordan did a Boudoir session for her husband as a Christmas gift a little over a year ago.  She had such an amazing time and her hubby loved it so much she decided to do it again!  Her husband is in medical school in Arizona, she wanted to give him a special gift before she joins him later this month.  Her last shoot took place in a lovely Bed&Breakfast.  We wanted to change things up this time and decided to shoot outside.  I would like to thank Jordan for allowing me to share her images with you today. Through our experiences of shooting together we have become good friends.  Good luck with your new adventure Jordan, Im gonna miss my little British Bombshell!  xx

I got to work with an awesome creative team on this shoot.  Thanks to Shane Weber for the fabulous color and styling of Jordan's hair and Christine Rice for glamming her up with gorgeous makeup.

See Jordan's first Boudoir session here and a session I did for her and her hubby Kent here.  

Beautiful Music Inspired Boudoir NSFW

A crazy, psychedelic, rock and roll, fantasy dream is the best way  I can describe this kick-ass shoot I had with my good friend/model Casey and her amazing and talented make up artist Christine Rice.  Inspired by 60's and 70's music and the feel of old album covers,  I wanted this shoot to be wild and hot.  Casey was so awesome!   She got my vision completely and dug out some amazing pieces from her own wardrobe.

See the 70's inspired wedding shoot I did with Casey a few months ago here.

We started the day out in my car jamming The Doors which inspired a heated discussion between the three of us about  how hot Jim Morrison was.   After about a 20 minute ride we arrived at the location I picked out for the shoot, a field of wild flowers in KY, my favorite place to be.  He we are, 3 girls on a long gravel road in the middle of nowhere, clothes and cameras everywhere, Casey half naked and here come the police. Shit! You should have seen the look on their faces, priceless. :) Thanks to Casey's power of seduction they were super cool about letting us stay and shoot.  How could they say no, right?

We gathered our thoughts and gear and ran into the middle of this amazing field squealing and laughing like little girls.  We were all so excited.  We set up this shoot for nothing but fun and that is exactly what it was.  The sun was low and gorgeous. Casey had a cocktail and was ready to party.  Christine was beside me holding my cameras(thanks Christine) and making sure Casey looked amazing.  I was just trying to take it all in without losing my mind.  We lost a camera (which we later found), a cup of vodka, and a pair of killer sunglasses.  We were covered in bug bites and burs.

Inspiration was running so thick I had to remind myself to breathe.  There is a point in my creative process where I sorta loose control.  I love when it happens.  I let go of fear and  things begin to happen naturally, it's freedom.  Casey totally inspired me to push myself farther that I could have imagined with these. She became my muse and we fed off of each other instinctively.  Over exposed, under exposed, out of focus, smokey sun flare, it was magic I tell you, magic.

****this post contains some artistic nudity, Casey's cool with it, I am cool with it, but If you are not cool with it you might want to turn around now****

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

Whenever I mention one of my boudoir sessions I always get a few people who tell me how much they would love to do it, but they don't have the nerve.   I want to share a little of what my experience shooting boudoir has showed me and prove to you that boudoir is for everyone.  I can promise that you will not only love your pictures, but you will also feel pretty awesome afterward.

When a client first walks in they are almost always  nervous, heck I would be too.  You don't really know what to expect, and even if you did, it is still a little scary taking off your clothes in front of someone you barely know.  Something I feel really helps build up those nerves is feel getting your hair and makeup done professionally.  It will make you feel hot and confident.  Brittany from Cloud 9 salon does a wonderful job.

Every girl has her own special curves so make sure to choose outfits that make you feel beautiful.  Don't worry about those 10 pounds you have been trying to loose.  It is amazing how the right light and pose can instantly take off those pounds.  We all have something about our bodies that we don't like.  The idea is to enhance the features we love and to mask those we don't.  That can be as simple as a turn of the hips.  Don't focus on what you consider to be your flaws.  Instead trust that your photographer has your best looks in mind and let me do my magic.

It usually takes about 15 minutes to get past the butterflies and start rocking your session.  The following images are from a client a photographed a couple of weeks ago.  She was a little nervous at first, but she trusted that I would make her look beautiful and together we made some gorgeous images.  She did the session as a birthday gift to her man.  This was a little note I got from her afterward...

"Nikita!!! Nikita!! D loved his gift (the photos). Thanks so much for making me look as beautiful as ever. I felt so sexy and that is saying a lot because I never feel that way! You are the best. thanks so much!"

That makes my day!  I love that I have a job that has the power to make people feel so good about themselves. :)

E thank you so much for allowing me to share your beautiful images! :)