Lizzie and James' OTR Wedding

What happens when two of the nicest people you have ever met get married?  It is one amazing party and there isn't a single person there not having fun.  From the minute I spoke with Lizzie's amazing sister Becca, who helped coordinate and design the event,  I knew I would it was going to be a special day.  Lizzie and James are in love.  It is the kind of love that makes you bite your fist, James actually did when her first saw his girl, it was the sweetest.  And from what I learned at their wedding, everyone around them is in love with them.  They both have this rare kindness about them, they put others before themselves.  It felt great to be around something so awesome.   

The ceremony was at Washington Park and the reception was at Woodward Theater.  Thanks to my assistants/photographer/friends, Leeka and Chris for all of your help telling their story.  

Be prepared to see more of these two.  We took lots of Polaroids and recently did another shoot in front of one of my favorite Cincinnati murals.  I will post those next. 

Ashely and John's Bell Event Centre Wedding

Their story is one of the best one's I have heard.   John was with a friend who was involved in a small fender bender with Ashley.  He thought she was gorgeous so he asked for her number.  After dating for awhile John took a job in sunny California and Ashley soon followed him there.  Fast forward to now, they are happily married enjoying way better weather than us here in Cincinnati. :)

Their wedding day was one of those rainy fall days we had last month.  I was determined to make sure Ashley and John enjoyed the day without stress so I came up with some unique ideas for pictures.  As I was driving I noticed it was dry under the bridges, and we have plenty in this city, so that is where I took them for some of their pictures.  Everything turned out perfectly.  They had their ceremony and super fun reception at the Bell Event Centre, one of my favorite venues in the city.  The staff always knocks it out of the park with their stellar teamwork and attentiveness.  It was really great celebrating with John and Ashley, what a great end to my wedding season this year! ashleyandjohnbellevententre (22)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (2)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (3)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (4)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (5)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (6)A very unique, and sweet first look. ashleyandjohnbellevententre (7)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (34)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (8)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (9)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (10)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (11)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (12)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (13)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (14)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (15)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (16)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (17)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (37)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (38)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (20)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (21)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (23)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (24)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (25)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (26)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (27)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (28)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (30)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (31)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (32)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (33)