iPhone Friday 24 Hours in Chicago

I need a winter project and I just got a new phone, so here I go again.  This time I am going to make it stick...iPhone Friday is back on my blog.

This week I am sharing a few pics from a 24 hour trip to Chicago I took with Chris this week.  He got me tickets to see one of my favorite bands for my birthday.  Since this is the busiest time of year for me we only had time to stay for 24 hours, but thats ok.  We managed to squeeze in all of our favorites...Good food, good music, and the beautiful lake.  We tried Air b&b for the first time.  The experience was very simple.  I chose a place that remindined me a lot of our place, but I booked last minute not paying attention to the fact that the only bed in the apartment was a twin.  Needless to say, we snuggled hard that night.  Here are a few pictures from the trip. 24 hours in ChicagoOur apartment in Logan Square.  Im telling you, the plants and old furniture, it was just like being at home.  There was even a polaroid on the fridge.  24 hours in Chicago (1)The show was sold out.  Before we went we had a nice dinner and drinks.  I told Chris I planned on letting loose at the show.  And I did.  These are the only pictures, because  I screamed and stomped my feet enjoying every second of it.  24 hours in Chicago (2)I can't leave Chicago without a visit to Lake Michigan.  It was a gorgeous day. 24 hours in Chicago (5)24 hours in Chicago (3)24 hours in Chicago (4)I joke that this is our CARaoke album cover.  I sing Chris's ears off when we are in the car together. nikitagross_rockandrollbride_0653

iPhone Friday Chicago

Last weekend I spent a couple of days in one of my favorite cities, Chicago.   My boyfriend Chris and I  took the 5 hour drive up Thursday and came back on Saturday.  Though many people think going to Chicago in the winter is crazy, I have to admit I kind of like it.  The snow wasn't too bad, it actually added a little excitement to the trip.  If you wear lots of layers walking around downtown is a lot of fun

We got a great deal at our favotrite hotel right in the middle of downtown.  We explored all of our favorite neighborhoods and stores and discovered some new ones we will visit again.  The main reason for the trip was to see comedians  Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir at the beautiful Chicago Theatre.  The show was awesome.  We literally laughed for 2 hours straight.

I wanted to see Lake Michigan so bad, so we made a quick stop before we left.   I had been there in the summer, but only to Navy Pier.  This time we went to a private part of the lake and soaked in how beautiful it was before we left.  It was breathtaking!

Here is a list to some of our favorite places to visit if you ever make the trip to the windy city.

The Acme Hotel  We have stayed here 3 times.  It's a hip boutique hotel right on Ohio St. downtown.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  There is a nice bar and bakery onsite.  The rooms are a little small, but you shouldn't be in your room anyway.  Parking is very affordable, and you can come and go as you please.  In the winter we drive to neighborhoods outside the city rather than taking the train.

Hash House A Go Go is a must visit!  The best Sage Chicken and Waffles I have ever had.  Get ready to have your mind blown when you see how monsterious the portions are.  Plenty to share!  We also tried  Weber Grill and it was also outstanding.  Tempo is a 24 hour diner that is a must visit,  their breakfast scramblers are so good.  They have a nice patio in the summer.

If you like vintage shopping, live music, good food, and art Wicker Park and Andersonville are neighborhoods you should visit.  Here are a few of my favorite stores Record Stores: Permanent Records and Reckless Records Vintage Shopping: The Brown Elephant, The Garage,   The Woolly Mammoth is a very cool oddoties store.  This place has everything.  Taxidermy, skulls, strange art, rare records, weird home decor, their stock always changes.

Here are some of my iPhone pictures from the trip.

IPhone Diary

iPhone Thursday was starting to get a little too structured.  Yes I still love to take pictures with my phone, and yes I love to post them on my blog, but putting the posts together was starting to stress me out.  I first started using my iPhone as a way to record a visual diary and I will continue to do so.  I think I am just going to limit my iPhone posts to once a month unless I have a really great adventure to share.  That being said, the following images were taken over the last few weeks.  A walk in the park on a gorgeous Spring day, a killer photo shoot with a zebra mask, a new office with an amazing view, these are just a few of the things I have been up too lately.  All of these were processed using the Instagr.am App.

Museum Bound

Happy iPhone Thursday!

Today I am taking a trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum to see Wedded Perfection:  Two centuries of wedding gowns featuring my former photography instructor,  Stephanie Carson.  I am sure it will be very crowded since it is the last week it will be shown here in Cincinnati.  I refuse to miss this exhibit, I am dying to see all of the gorgeous vintage gowns and Stephanie's stellar work. :)


I just got back from the exhibit and I am still trying to catch my breathe.  The dresses were unbelievable, it was wonderful to learn about their origin and the history of the women who wore them.  Stephanie's work was the perfect dose of humor in a very prestigious show.  Wow!  If you have not gone to see this exhibit there are a few more days left,  hurry up, go now!  You will not be disappointed.

Eve Disconsolate by Hirum Powers taken at my last museum visit this past summer.

iPhone Thursday

This week I want to show a before/after of one of my favorite shots.  The first one is straight from my phone. I just got up really close and tapped the focus to be dead center of the dandelion.  I processed this shot while waiting in the dentist office using the one of my favorite Apps, the TiltShift App.  Once I was happy with that I used the PS Mobile App to increase the contrast and to decrease the exposure. I had it printed as a 5x7 just to see how well it would hold up and I have to admit, it turned out pretty great.

iPhone Thursday and I am having a show!

Yes, I know I have posted this picture of Arnold's before.  I just felt it was very fitting for this week's iPhone post because it is where I am having a show Saturday night at 7.  I am part of a really fun photography group that has group shows once a month.  This month it is my turn and I would love for you to come!  It is always a great time, lots of drinking and mingling,  and there will be tons of great art for sale.    For those of you that are not familiar with Arnold's, it is Cincinnati's oldest tavern.  When I was in college we used to go there to unwind after every test, it was always a wonderful, laid back atmosphere, and the food is outstanding.  Check out their website here.

I hope to see you there!!

*The address is 210 East 8th Street Cincinnati, Oh.  There is plenty of parking across the street at the public lot.  The show will be upstairs.