Ally and Aaron Cincinnati Photographer

I have wanted to do a session like this for a while.   I love the intimate moments and conversations that happen in the bedroom late at night or first thing in the morning,  I call this special time Pillow Talk.  It's when you and your lover are alone and free to share your dreams.  It's where affection is over flowing.  Even when you are far apart,  you still want to touch feet or hands.  It's where you are still a child and tickle each other until you cry.  It's holding, kissing, touching, breathing, smelling, embracing, laughing,'s love.  Problems are solved and bonds are formed during this special time together.

I started a Pintrest board about 4 years ago to post intimate images of couples that moved me.  Recently I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for a couple that would be interested in setting up an intimate shoot inspired by my board.  Ally responded immediately and I was thrilled.  I had become friends with Aaron a little while back when I met him at a local eatery where he works.  We connected via Facebook and Instagram so I had seen lots of photos of the couple together.  I knew they would be perfect for this photo session.  As soon as I arrived at their beautiful home that was overflowing with gorgeous natural light,  we began the session.  There was lots of kissing and nuzzling.  Everything happened very naturally.  These two are in love,  the outpouring of emotion was beautiful.  I am very grateful they allowed me experience and document a piece of it.