Christin and Harold

To me one of the best compliments to your work in any profession is to be referred by a colleague.  I was beyond ecstatic when I was contacted by a fellow photographer about Christin and Harold's wedding.  He was already booked on their date.  He saw my work through a friend on Facebook and was wondering if I was available.  "What?  Me? "I thought to myself, I was flattered beyond belief.  I got Christin's contact information and after a long phone conversation with her we met for coffee and clicked right away.  She has one of those personalities that makes you feel like you have been friends forever, very comforting.  As we went over the details of her day I knew it was going to be beyond beautiful.  She and Harold had been planning this wedding for many years so she was well prepared.

There were so many things I fell in love with at this wedding starting with all of the beautiful red-headed women.  Christin, her mother Sindy, and her sister Autumn are all smoking hot red heads.  I can't explain why, nor do I need to, but I was really excited about this!

Next I loved the locations we used for photos.  We started at Cloud 9 Salon in Florence, which Christin's mother owns.  The stylist and makeup artists were great and the salon is a beautiful backdrop for photos.  Sindy did a wonderful job on Christin's hair and make up for the wedding.  Sindy's house, where the girl's got ready, has a lake and a beautiful greenery so we used that as a backdrop for Christin's bridal portraits and pictures with her girls.  For Chrisin and Harold's portraits I scouted out a location near the church.  It was a beautiful farm with fruit trees, and an old barn on it, perfect for a quick, private bride and groom session.

I had such a great time at this wedding.  From the moment I walked into the salon with the girls I was greeted with big smiles and hugs, I love that!   Thanks Christin and Harold and  all of your family for being so gracious.  It was wonderful spending the night surrounded by so much love.  Thanks for allowing me to capture these special moments for you!

Sindy, Chrisin's mother did Chrisin's hair and makeup for the wedding.  Here she is with Christin having a beautiful mother/daughter moment. This was my first time working with a videographer at a wedding, it was fun.  This is Mario from Frameline Productions, he was a pleasure to work with.  If you are looking for a great videographer for your wedding, he is your man! I love this! This is Christin and Harold's daughter Adalyn.Right before the ceremony.   Look how Christin and Autumn do the same scrunchy thing with their noses when they laugh.:) The gorgeous girls! Their red hair looks so great with that green background. We only had 15 minutes to shoot their portraits after the wedding.  That is all we needed with this beautiful light. Their beautiful reception was held at the Madison South in Covington. A very sweet father, daughter, granddaughter dance.:) This is my favorite photo of the day.  I grabbed this image  right as they were headed into the reception.  I love everything about it, the color, the look, the location, Christin's beautiful hair.  (Sindy is good! ) Adalyn and Grandma Parker were literally the last two on the dance floor that night.  My kind of ladies.

A new blog and an awesome photo session!

I am so happy to finally have my new blog up and running.  I am still working on the design elements, but I figured out how to upload pictures, and that is what really matters.  (just look how BIG they are, I am in heaven!)  Oh yeah I almost forgot... you can leave comments on my shiny new blog,  so don't be shy.  I would love to hear from you.

I feel one of the hardest things to do as an artist is to define your work.  How do you put into words what you are trying to say with an image?  This family session is turning out to be one of my all-time favorites because I feel it represents my style of photography.  It's real, it's passionate, it's timeless, it's natural, it's art.

Bonita (yes, her name means beautiful in Spanish, and beautiful she is...) contacted me about a family session at Big Bone Park in Boone County.  She grew up there and thought it would be special to have her children photographed there.   I love any opportunity I get to visit the country side of Kentucky, so I was delighted to meet her there.   We found a cool place where the kids could run around and we were off...  When Bonita told me she wasn't sure what I wanted her to do I told her all I needed her to do was to be herself and enjoy a day at the park with her children.  I would just follow them around taking pictures along the way, and that is what we did.  Two hours and about 300 pictures later we were all worn out.  I had a great time, her kids are so animated and fun.   Thank you for the fun and thank you for the beautiful images Bonita, Ethan, Tamra, and Kylee.  I can't wait to show you more! :)

I think this session really takes on a timeless feel in black and white, but here is one color image for the road...