Ahhh, Spring

All of the waiting is over, Spring is finally here!  Since it was so nice out yesterday, Dave and I decided to take a long drive down Rt.8 along the river.   It was nice to turn everything off and just appreciate each other and our surroundings.  The sunroof was open, the breeze was warm. We cruised at our own pace chasing pockets of glorious late afternoon light, my idea of a perfect day.

While we were out enjoying the day Dave snapped a few photos of me for my website.  He really is becoming a great photographer, don't you think?

Sunshine Finally!  Ahhhhh!

My Favorite

I am not really sure what i am doing with my hands, but I love this one because of the reflection of him in my sunglasses. ;)

I heart Rt. 8

I need that printed on a t-shirt. :)