The daily dose

"If the world was your oyster, what would you do? Why aren't you doing it?  Don't spend your life afraid.  Don't think you are alone.  The only real enemy you have is yourself.  You are the only thing stopping you.  Work hard.  Finish tasks.  Don't even think about giving up." 


This was a note I wrote in my journal when I was struggling with what direction I wanted to take my life and my work.  At the time I wrote it,  I was far from confident in the decisions I was making concerning my life.  I had to quiet down and listen to myself for awhile.  If your comfort zone is making you uncomfortable then it's time for change.

 I love being a wedding photographer, but that isn't all I am.  I am also an artist.  It took me a long time to be able to say that out loud with confidence.  With this website I am excited to finally have a place to share not only the beautiful, loving  weddings I photograph, but also all of the other projects that make my heart flutter.

My idea for the Daily Dose is to have a home to share all of the amazing art, music, quotes, articles, and images that inspire me daily.  I believe inspiration is contagious and sharing with others is so much more fun than experiencing things alone.