Joe Rogan Podcast

I am a die hard listener to Joe Rogan's podcast.  I listen to it all night while editing photos.  It's always educational and funny and for me it's like hanging out with friends.  This episode is one of my favorites.  Joe and his guests Aubrey Marcus and Robert Greene really get into the process of  finding what it is in life you are meant to do through a lot of hard work and experiences.  

One of my favorite quotes was from Joe, he said "you can't make steel without fire".  They discuss how people are looking for instant gratification, but you must go through lows to really appreciate the highs.  I couldn't agree more.  If you work hard, and dedicate yourself to whatever it is you want to do, what truly makes you happy, your work will reflect that and you will feel more fulfilled.  But, it won't come without the work both on yourself and your skills.  That's the part many people want to skip, but for me this is the most important part of the process.  It's here that you grow and learn.