2018 Experimental Film Wedding Giveaway

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new... I want to be your something different. 


Finding a way to combine my work and my art has been a goal of mine since I started out as a photographer.  As an artist, there is a stigma that in order to create the art you love,  you have to sacrifice making a living.  I believe the term "starving artist" came from this idea.  For me, surrendering to the term starving artist is not an option.  Finding a way to hustle and push boundaries in an industry that is usually seen as pretty traditional has been a challenge that I have embraced and learned to enjoy.



Love inspires me.  This is why I chose wedding photography as my focus. I also believe that love is one of the languages that art communicates.  I want to combine the two to make unique imagery that tells your story with some psychedelic twists.


Over 20 years ago I loaded my first roll of film into a camera.  Developing it and seeing the images I took come to life in a tray of chemicals was exhilarating for me.   Though most of my professional work has been shot on digital, I kept getting this urge to return to my roots and shoot more film.   I have been experimenting with film a lot lately, those feelings that I got back in college have intensified and grown.  With time and practice, my skill set has also grown.  My dream is to shoot an entire wedding on film, both traditional and experimental.   I am looking for a fun couple to be part of my first all film wedding photography experience. 



All of your images won't be shot inside a snail shell, but some might be.  I will take traditional images and capture your love.  Above all, that is what is most important and why I am a wedding photographer.  Together, we will also make art.  It will be so much fun, I promise.  By entering this giveaway you are granting me creative control to give you one-of -a kind art using only film and your love.


If the images here speak to you and you are planning a 2018 wedding please contact me below.  If this just isn't for you, but you know someone who might be interested, please share with your friends. 




*The giveaway is non-negotiable. 

*No more than 50 people total at your wedding. An elopement would be ideal.

* 6 hours of photography are included. 

*You will receive high resolution scans in an online gallery and most of the Polaroids. 

*The unknown must excite you!  I will have 3 cameras.   One loaded with fresh film to capture family photos and the ceremony, one loaded with experimental film to get wild with, and a Polaroid camera to capture your dream. Doesn't that sound amazing!

*I love nature, and using natural light when possible,  so an outdoor wedding would be perfect.

*Destination weddings are an option. I love to travel.  Travel fees are not included. 

*$3000 value

*Giveaway ends November 30 at 12am.  Winner will be announced on December 1



Enter by filling out this form.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!