Rebecca and Tanya's Pleasant Ridge Engagement

I remember sitting in the coffee shop waiting to meet Rebecca and Tanya.  A girl next to me was wearing the same sweater as me and I was freaking out, luckily she left before they arrived.  I went up to the counter to get the Wi FI password when two women, who caught my eye walked in.  I thought to myself, WHOA this couple eludes this amazing confidence and beauty.  I was taken back by them.  When I found out they were my potential clients, I knew I had too be their photographer.  I was literally attracted to their warmth and authentic energy from the moment I met them.   

For their engagement session I suggested we start at their home.  It was so beautiful and the light pouring in was a dream.  After we spent some time there with their 2 dogs, we headed to French Park for a quick sunset session, my absolute favorite!

I took a very expired roll of film with me to play around at this shoot.  While processing it I made few mistakes which added extreme grain, but I love the results so much.  This is a double exposure of the couple and a dandelion flower.