Gina and Mike/Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

I have known Gina and her family for a very long time.   In fact her older sister, Amy and I had a pretty wild summer my sophomore year swimming in her pool and cruising around with boys. ;) My nephew, Austin is also Gina's cousin.  You see,  I come from a very small town where everybody knows everybody.  If you throw a rock you are bound to hit someone you are related to or someone related to someone you are related to.  When I heard through the grapevine Gina was getting married I secretly hoped she would choose me to be her photographer.  Gina is absolutely gorgeous, and I adore her mother and father Sally and Barry.  Gina is very outgoing and loves to have a good time, so I knew her wedding would be a blast!

Gina and Mike met through Sue, one of Gina's friends she met at work.  Sue is longtime friend of Mike's family, she knew Mike and Gina would be perfect for each other.  She was right, they met on a blind date, and two years later they were getting married.

When I pulled up to Gina and Mike's house, Mike was mowing not only his lawn, but his older neighbors lawn as well.  What a sweet guy!  He greeted me with a big smile and a southern draw.  Immediately I knew this was going to be a great wedding!

There are so many things about this wedding that I loved.  I loved that Gina's son Ethan was included in every aspect of the day.  I also loved the venue.  Since Sue was the one who brought Gina and Mike together they had the wedding at Sue's house which happens to have a wonderful view of downtown.  I loved how personal everything was.  Mike's best friend was the officiant, his sister did a bible reading, Gina's mother read a poem, the ceremony was very intimate with about 40 of Mike and Gina's closest friends and family in attendance.  I loved getting hang out with my old Baker buddies and getting to meet so many more wonderful people.  By the end of the night I felt like part of their family.  I loved how much people wanted me to eat.  Sometimes I don't get to eat at all during a wedding.  It was nice to have people more or less forcing food on me, which reminds me, I loved that chocolate cupcake I finally did eat at the end of the night, it was delicious! :)

Gina and Mike are throwing a huge reception/party in June so you will see them again on my blog soon.

We had a beautiful view of downtown Cincinnati.

I absolutely fell in love with Sue's house.  It is very eclectic and full of treasures around every corner, both inside and out.

Gina's dress was perfect for her laid back ceremony.

Sue has great taste in art. Instead of a bouquet Gina and Mike wore leis.


One of the ring bearers.Pre-shaven MikeI like the picture of Ethan in the background. Beautiful.Gina snuck in on this one, I love the way it turned out.Ethan made this for his mom and Mike, how sweet!I love the passion here!Nate, Mike's best friend since childhood was the officiant and his sister did a reading.I don't think there was a dry eye on the patio when Mike and his mom hugged.Sally and Colten, one of her 4 (soon to be 5, Colton's Momma, Nikki just found out she is having a little girl) grandchildren. Nikki, the youngest Baker sister, aren't they gorgeous?Amy and her daughter Avery.Mike's mother and father were smiling all day!Look at those beautiful eyes. Mike was such a handsome trooper. Despite his allergies, he ventured out into this field of flowers.  I love the glamourous,  vintage vibe here.  Does she remind  you of a certain pinup model? Ethan and Mommy.Mike's brother gave the toast.The beautiful Baker girls. The dads talking it up. I cannot thank you enough Gina and Mike for trusting me to be your photographer.

Your love is inspiring.