Family Fun

Last weekend my sister had a birthday party  for all 4 of my nephews,  Austin 15, Gage 4, Eli 2, and Kegan 1.  Sounds crazy, huh?  Well we like it a little crazy in this family, crazy is the glue that keeps us together. :)  There were dinosaur tattoos, homemade carrot and chocolate birthday cakes (Nina has to make all of their treats, Eli is allergic to everything, poor guy), lots of pool splashing, pinata popping, and way too many toys.  It was a blast.

My mom got a new puppy named Guido after her brother Joey who was one of the proudest little Italians I ever knew.  Mom always called him her little Guido! ;)    A little bit of everybody.Pinata!

This is my first picture of  Nina and ALL of her kids.  The photos on the right are a good explanation why.  It is very difficult to do.  I bribed them with cake and we managed to get them all looking. :)  My brother-in-law is outside on clean up duty.   My grandma and mom. This is where my silly genes come from. Eli does not like the birthday song at all.  Nina says it doesn't matter if it is 2 people or 15 people singing it, he always cries. I thought it was sweet the way he tried to hide in his brother's arm . Presents! Nina gave me a tiny gift at the end of the party.  It's a camera key chain that flashes and makes a shutter noise.  I always say it is the little things that make me happy, and this time it literally is!

I love it!:)

Here are some fun iPhone photos from the day.

I really enjoy taking pictures of my family.  It is the thing I am proudest to do for my nephews.  I want them to have all of these great memories to share with their families when they grow up.

As you enjoy your holiday this weekend don't forget to take lots of pictures! :)