A look at what is coming up...

From playing in puddles, to playing golf, I have been photographing a little bit of everything over the past month.  Here is a little peak at what is coming up on my blog next week.

I photographed this little girl as well as her brother pictured below around my neighborhood.  The session ended with all of us getting soaking wet in a puddle. I am so happy I have such cool clients. :)   I chased this little girl around her grandparents farm in one of my favorite places in Kentucky. A friend of mine asked me to take pictures at a golf outing his family hosts every year.  It ended with largest bonfire I have ever seen.  Yes I know I have said that before, but this one topped the last one by about 30 feet,  it was HUGE!!

I love this picture, classic.

I shared a few of my iPhone pictures from the Warped Tour yesterday, but they are nothing compared to these.  The Warped Tour is one of my favorite things to photograph.  I love all the craziness!!!  The rain just added to the fun!