My Treasures

I have been a thrift store junkie since high school.  When most girls were at the mall  buying cute dresses my friends and I were at the local thrift store looking for cool "old man" sweaters and flannels.  I take thrifting very serious.  It is more than a hobby, to me, it is a passion. It isn't really the thrill of the deal that gets me.  It is the nostalgia, being able to peak into the past.  It's like taking a ride in a time machine.  Who knows what artifacts you will collect on your journey.

This past weekend the world's longest yard sale went straight through my back yard.  I swear it was like the biggest flea market I have ever seen.  I was in heaven.  I got so much cool stuff including this album for $5. ( I also got a Cheech and Chong album for $3,  but it didn't go with my outfit)

I can officially say I have purchased Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon on tape, on CD, on iTunes, and the album (twice). :)