Memories in the making

If you went up to my sister Nina today and asked her to sing Queen Latifa's Fly Girl I can guarantee you I know exactly what would come to her mind.  It would be the parody song we made up one night about my mom's yellow Chevette, a car that throughout our teenage years we were utterly embarrassed of.

We are from  a very small town that has a "main street" we all called The Avenue.  Everyone who was anyone, in our eyes, could be found hanging out on the avenue.  We had to drive down the avenue everyday in my mom's yellow car.  I remember Nina and I would duck down so no one would see us.  My mom would tease us and honk the horn to draw even more attention to us.  Who were we kidding, really?  How many yellow cars do you see a day?  In a town of less than 5000 people,  everybody knew who was in that car!  Nina used to joke with me that she was glad I was the oldest because I would inherit the car first and she wouldn't have to drive it.  One night while laying in bed cracking up about how proud my mom was of her car we made up this crazy song about it.   As I am typing this post I am singing it in my head, "Fly car, come here, cause your yellow and your fine and I want you to be mine".  I love that 17 years later i can still remember the words. :)

The memories I have of my sister and I growing up are some of my fondest.  After all of the fights, the boys, the clothes, that ugly yellow car, and our lives going into two completely different directions, one thing that will never change is the fact that my sister will always be my best friend.

Nina has given me the greatest gift a girl could get,  four sweet boys who love to call me Aunt Kita.  It warms my heart when I think about all of the memories they will make together, all of the silly songs they will make up when they are supposed to be sleeping, all of the times I know my sister will embarrass them.  No matter where life takes them they will always have a friend in each other.

I found these band shirts at Target and knew right away we had to do a photo shoot in them.  Nina rocked the boys out with the fohawks and baby chucks.  Too cute!!!!

My brother-in -law, Kevin, who wins father of the year in my book every year.  His kids adore him and he loves being their Dad.

Since I bought the boys a tshirt, they wanted to get me one too.  I love it.  It has a camera on it and says " And that's when I snapped".