Sarah and Karen's Bell Event Centre Wedding

"The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.  Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along." - Rumi

It all started with a date and a kiss.  They went out for coffee and and then for drinks.  While standing in the bar Sarah leaned over and kissed Karen and for the first time, Karen felt free.  She felt free to be herself, to love without worry.  She saw the strength she was searching for in Sarah and she was in love.  Their love story is so inspiring to me.  I knew the second I met them that I wanted to be part of it.

Sarah and Karen committed themselves to each other on a beautiful fall day at the gorgeous Bell Event Centre.  They were surrounded by 200 of their closest friends and family.  It was a glorious night full of laughter and love.  These two women have the kindest hearts.  Karen is a chaplain at a local hospital and Sarah works for a non-profit.  They are a perfect balance for each other.  Sarah has a carefree spirit and loves to go with the flow, while Karen is very organized and needs order to feel comfortable.  Together I know they are going to do wonderful things in this world.  They have already touched my heart so deep with their kind words and loving spirit.  The quote above was printed on the last page of their programs and I think it sums things up just perfectly. Thank you Sarah and Karen, for not only choosing me to photograph your wedding, but for being my friend, and helping me show the world that as Sarah says, love is love, it has no boundaries.  I wish you two a lifetime of happiness together.


Sarah and Karen made their commitment official in New York, where they got engaged.

Rachel Lisa did a fantastic job on both Sarah and Karen's makeup.  She even came to the ceremony and touched them up for the reception.Karen went from a chaplain to a princess in a matter of minutes. Beautiful.Karen wore Toms wedges while Sarah wore her cowgirl boots.Seeing each other for the first time.The next two crack me up.  Sarah's relative Kevin Brunsman did a wonderful job on the flowers.  When choosing bouquets Karen said she wanted tightly wound...and Sarah wanted loose and wild.  So fitting for their personalities! ;)  You cant see it in this image, but there is a mushroom hiding in that bouquet! The programs were handmade by Sarah, each one was unique. Going over their vows right before the ceremony.Since a marriage certificate in Ohio was not possible, they made their own.  All of the guests signed it.  I love it!The Bell Event Centre, amazing!  Thank you to my awesome assistant Andrew for capturing these. Sarah is also a bee keeper.  For favors they gave honey jars with "meant to bee" printed on them.  Such a cute touch.I always get super excited when I find out I get to eat BonBonerie cake! :)