Annah and Julian's Cincinnati Engagement

When Annah contacted me about setting up an engagement session I was thrilled to hear her ideas.  She wanted to shoot underwater, something I have only barely dabbled with, but I was excited for the challenge.  Annah said she loved that my work has an artistic flair, and gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted.   A real dream for me.    I met Annah and Julian at a friend's house early in the day.  Once we got going it was a super exhilarating experience.   I had practiced the day before with a good friend, but was still a little nervous.  During my practice shoot I forgot one key element...goggles.  Once I got those things went a lot more smoothly.   I am very grateful to many friends who let me borrow their cameras for this shoot.  And even more grateful to Annah and Julian for giving me this awesome experience.  It is defiantly something I want to do again.   underwaterengagement (6)underwaterengagement (5)underwaterengagement (4)underwaterengagement (3)underwaterengagement (7)underwaterengagement (9)underwaterengagement (17)underwaterengagement (20)underwaterengagement (23)underwaterengagement (30)After our super fun morning we all went home to get ourselves together and met back up at Highfield Discovery Park for part two of their engagement session.  This park is so whimsical and pretty.  The perfect setting for a photo session.  Before I show you their images I want to share a little story about a kindred soul named Bob, who was our contact at the park.   I shared this story on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, but I figured it can't hurt to share it again....I noticed Bob's wedding ring was very cool, so I asked him about it. He told us it was created 30 years ago, his wife has the only other version of it. "Of course it's much more dainty" Bob told us. The ring is custom made and inspired by the DNA double helix, the combining of two to become one. It was a great story and he was proud to tell it.bob

There are so many beautiful people in this world. Bob is defiantly one of them. His passion for nature and science was inspiring. Before we left, he told us more about the park and what they do there. The Discovery Garden is set up to teach children about nature and to remind them that they are part of it. He talked about how we all need to take responsibility for taking care of our home, Earth. He also wanted children to know how important it is for their well being to be out in nature, away from all of the noise that surrounds our lives. See, don't you just love Bob?! If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, you should check this park out for sure.
While we ran around the park I got to get to know Annah and Julian a little better...there isn't a lot of talking when you are underwater, you know?!   Annah and Julian met Salsa dancing.  Their attraction to each other was instant.  Their chemistry together was out of this world.  They were so loving and touched each other a lot, something I adore in a couple.  I love how much comfort they found in each other during our shoot.
Julian is originally from England, so they will be heading over the pond next year for their laid back wedding.  I am sure it will be so much fun!

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