Tina and Joe's Asheville North Carolina Wedding

It's not easy to put into words the gratitude and love I have for Tina and Joe.  I met them over a year ago when they were first discussing ideas for their wedding.  They asked me to dinner one night and after a long, very inspiring discussion about life and love they told me they wanted to elope in Asheville and invited me to come along to photograph it.  I was beyond thrilled.  Tina and Joe's story together started over 20 years ago.  They always had a deep connection, but life took them in different directions.    After a lot of learning and growing the universe brought them back together.    Tina has this soft, calmness about her personality and Joe is just the right amount of intenseness to be the Ying to Tina's Yang.  I think this is so important in a relationship, balance is everything.

Joe likes to mountain bike, they stumbled upon The Bike Farm through his adventures.  Once they visited it together they knew it was the perfect place for their intimate wedding.  The farm is surrounded by lush green foliage.  There was a creek running through the land and a giant waterfall at the top of one of the hills.  It was simply breathtaking.  What a magical place to celebrate love.

Tina and Joe were joined by their dear friends, Erin and Ciara for the ceremony.  Erin actually officiated it.  David from Studio 213 documented the whole thing on video.  I can't wait to see what he captured.  Thanks to my awesome assistant/boyfriend, Chris for helping us out throughout the day.  He captured some very cool phone and polaroid pictures I will share later.

Thank you so much for your constant support of my work and for inviting me to document this very special time in your lives Tina and Joe.  I am happy to say I have gained two very good friends through this experience.  I am beyond grateful!

ashevillewedding013ashevillewedding078ashevillewedding002ashevillewedding079ashevillewedding003I love the way Joe is looking at Tina here.  She makes him light up. ashevillewedding004ashevillewedding005ashevillewedding006Tina is absolutely  beautiful.  Inside and out. :) ashevillewedding008After we were all ready to go we headed to the farm for the ceremony. ashevillewedding009ashevillewedding010ashevillewedding011ashevillewedding012ashevillewedding015ashevillewedding083ashevillewedding014ashevillewedding016ashevillewedding017ashevillewedding018ashevillewedding019ashevillewedding081ashevillewedding020ashevillewedding021ashevillewedding023ashevillewedding052ashevillewedding027ashevillewedding028cincinnatiseniorportraits_0869ashevillewedding051ashevillewedding072ashevillewedding073ashevillewedding071ashevillewedding030ashevillewedding031ashevillewedding032ashevillewedding033ashevillewedding034ashevillewedding035ashevillewedding036ashevillewedding037ashevillewedding084ashevillewedding038ashevillewedding039ashevillewedding046cincinnatiseniorportraits_0867ashevillewedding041ashevillewedding042cincinnatiseniorportraits_0868ashevillewedding062ashevillewedding061ashevillewedding045ashevillewedding047cincinnatiseniorportraits_0866ashevillewedding040ashevillewedding048ashevillewedding076ashevillewedding025ashevillewedding049ashevillewedding001ashevillewedding075ashevillewedding029ashevillewedding050We all stayed at a wonderful place called Cloud 9 Farm.   It is a working farm that has chickens, cows, blueberries, and bee hives that produce honey.  Aiden, Tina's son would get up every morning and help the owner, Janet feed the animals and do farm chores.  I got up to take a few photographs of them at work.  Coming from the city, having no experience whatsoever with any kind of farm animals, it was a real learning experience for me.  Here are a few pictures of Aiden working on the farm.  cincinnatiseniorportraits_0892cincinnatiseniorportraits_0893cincinnatiseniorportraits_0894