Amy and David's Friendship Park Wedding

This year has been a little different for me.  Over half of the clients I have booked, I have not met until wedding day.  They have mostly been referred by friends, and are drawn to my style of shooting via my portfolio.  I always have at least one phone conversation, and many email exchanges before weddings day.  It can be  little scary at first, considering I will be with them all day on their wedding day.  I have not had one bad experience with any of these weddings.  In fact, once I meet up with the girl's and start photographing them, I feel like I have known them forever.  This is exactly how I felt at Amy and David's wedding.  As soon as I arrived to their apartment I was greeted with big smiles and just enough of a southern accent to make me feel at home.  The first thing David said to me when I met him that day was that he was very emotional and was without a doubt going to cry.  I was glad he felt comfortable enough to be so honest and open.

The day was one of those we had last month where the rain was lingering over us, but never really came.  Amy and David's first look was one of the sweetest I have witnessed. Emotions were high and the tears of joy flowed unapologetically.  I was so happy to have witnessed so much love.  The day was super laid back and full of so many laughs.  I was so happy have had such a wonderful experience with these two people.  They got married at Friendship Park along the river in Cincinnati.  It's a beautiful location with so many beautiful spots to take photos.   friendshipparkwedding_0681friendshipparkwedding_0768friendshipparkwedding_0771friendshipparkwedding_0769friendshipparkwedding_0772DSC_4590friendshipparkwedding_0770friendshipparkwedding_0765friendshipparkwedding_0766friendshipparkwedding_0764friendshipparkwedding_0763friendshipparkwedding_0761friendshipparkwedding_0746friendshipparkwedding_0690friendshipparkwedding_0774friendshipparkwedding_0767friendshipparkwedding_0663friendshipparkwedding_0664friendshipparkwedding_0693friendshipparkwedding_0694friendshipparkwedding_0695friendshipparkwedding_0696friendshipparkwedding_0775friendshipparkwedding_0752friendshipparkwedding_0676friendshipparkwedding_0704friendshipparkwedding_0667friendshipparkwedding_0677friendshipparkwedding_0674friendshipparkwedding_0675friendshipparkwedding_0666friendshipparkwedding_0668friendshipparkwedding_0709neltnerfarmwedding_0662friendshipparkwedding_0670friendshipparkwedding_0712friendshipparkwedding_0713friendshipparkwedding_0714friendshipparkwedding_0715friendshipparkwedding_0716friendshipparkwedding_0717friendshipparkwedding_0718friendshipparkwedding_0719friendshipparkwedding_0720friendshipparkwedding_0721friendshipparkwedding_0722friendshipparkwedding_0723friendshipparkwedding_0724friendshipparkwedding_0725friendshipparkwedding_0727friendshipparkwedding_0680friendshipparkwedding_0682friendshipparkwedding_0728friendshipparkwedding_0731friendshipparkwedding_0730friendshipparkwedding_0685friendshipparkwedding_0777friendshipparkwedding_0684