Lizzie and James Rookwood Pottery and Polaroids

Remeber Lizzie and James from my last post?  We decided Lizzie's dress is too pretty for her to only wear it once.  Just as they were celebrating their 2 month anniversary, we got together again for another shoot.   This is something new I am offering all of my clients.  Maybe your wedding day timeline is too tight to hit up all of the locations you want for photos, maybe you just want to snuggle and laugh in your wedding clothes again, or maybe you jut want to make art and feel like a goddess.   I am down for all of it!   Plus, if you get the Polaroid package, we can slow down and really dig deep into creating magical images. 

At the end of this post you will see lots of Polaroids I took on both days.  I love the mixture of posed images and candid moments. 

I have dreamed of taking photos in front of this mural at Rookwood Pottery by Christian Dallas since I first saw it.  I absolutely love the colors.