Jessica and Emmie

I should have shared these images months ago, when I made them.  As much as I have tried to write, lately something inside of me feels like I have to keep everything private. I feel like I  have to protect these sacred stories and moments.  Deep down I think I am afraid I might not give them the respect and care they deserve with my words. 

I have been thinking a lot about the people I am connected to through my work.  I was trying to understand what they have in common, what kind of person am I attracted to? I feel like we all bring in certain kind of people into our world, for me, that person is one with a big, powerful story. It is usually a person who, through their own experiences has found their own path to be one of helping others heal whether they know it or not.   Love attracts love, beyond all of the fear I have been hiding behind recently is so much love. 

Jessica is one of the strongest women I have ever met, not just because of all that she has been through and come out of, but because she is sincere, caring, forgiving, resilient.  She is a wife, sister, mother, business woman.  She balances a very busy life with a smile on her face.  She gives more than she takes.  She has lived through one of the most heart wrenching experiences a woman can go through, yet she elludes so much grace.  She is an inspiration to me.  Her trust in me to tell her story was a gift. 

When I first posted a photo of her these are the words that came to mind.  Emmie is a couple of months older than this now.  This is a collection of Polaroid and 35mm images.  <3

"As we celebrate Emmie thriving in her seventh month, we are also remembering Meggie, Emmie’s twin sister who is no longer with us. This was such a special session for me. I spent 3 hours with Jessica discussing life, and loss, and dreams. Jessica and Craig came into my life a few years ago when I photographed their engagement, twice because it rained, then their wedding where it rained again. Their strength to endure has been tested over and over again, yet they prevail over and over again, and they do it with warmth in their hearts. Jess has this grace that eludes strength and confidence. She’s such a badass in her giant pickup truck and muscle car from her teenage years in her driveway. Yet, as I watched her look after her babe I was engulfed in her tenderness. Through my lens I’ve watched her grow into a woman, and a beautiful mother. She is the saint who will help those in need, no questions asked. Her husband Craig supports and loves his wife dearly, his presence is soft and kind. I’m inspired by their bond. It is a bond that has grown stronger through the kind of pain that is unthinkable. When you see a butterfly on the crib in the NICU it let’s you know the baby is part of a multiple pregnancy and one of the babies is no longer with us. Jess and Craig only got 2 weeks with their sweet Meggie here on Earth, but she will live in their hearts forever. "