My Warrior

Cid aka Sidney McGee, Cidders, Sidney Dean, Big Man, Monster Head, Sweet Pea

I remember it so vividly, I can still smell his puppy breathe.  Dave was in a band and we all lived in a two family house.   We were young and we were wild.  We were not allowed to have pets at our house, but somehow took in a mutt named Evil that Dave's brother found wandering around the neighborhood.  One day while picking up provisions Dave and one of the guys stopped by a house next door and saw they had puppies for sale.  Remember how I said we were not allowed to have pets,  what do you think they did?  They bought another puppy.  Since I was the only girl in the house I always tried to be the "responsible"one,  I made sure the bills were paid, talked to the landlord, blah, blah, blah...  I will admit, I was pissed off.  How was I going o explain not one, but two dogs in a house where we were supposed to have none?  As soon as I saw him everything changed.  I didn't care what the landlord thought(they never came around anyway).  He was the cutest thing I had ever seen and there was no way we were getting rid of him.  He was smaller than my size nine shoe.  He had a fat belly and sharp puppy teeth.  He would chew on everything in sight.  He slept in a laundry basket and ate out of a tiny ashtray.

July 2000

Eventually we all moved out of the house we were living in and got places of our own.  I consider my friends my family. We have been in each other's lives for what seems like forever now.  Cid is part of that family.  Since we all love Cid, we decided the best thing to do was to allow him to split time between our house and our  friends Kevin and Lauren's house.  Yes, we have joint custody of a dog.  He has two houses, two yards, two beds, two dog bowls, two of everything.  We all pool together once a month for dog food and split the vet bills.   It works out great for us financially  and for Cid because he is spoiled rotten, there is always someone to take him for a walk or to play.

With Dave 2003

Cid turned 10 this year. Though his head is much bigger and he takes up more room on the bed, he is still just as sweet as he was the day they brought him home.  To me,  there is nothing in the world like him.   The love I have for this dog is overwhelming.  He fills my heart up with so much happiness.  We speak to each other without words.  He is always glad to see me and I cannot wait to see his tail wag every morning when I wake up.  We look out for each other, he is my buddy.  There is nothing that can turn a bad day or a bad mood around quicker than a sloppy wet kiss from my dog.  If you have a dog, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  It is a special thing. :)


Cid and the City 2008

Yesterday we took Cid to a specialist and found out the lump on his ankle we originally thought was arthritis is cancer.  I cant believe my Cidders has cancer.  Cancer is such a scary word.  It still doesn't feel real.  I have gone so long thinking Cid was invincible, nothing could hurt him, he is as tough as nails.  Well he still is, he just has a little obstacle he needs to get past... The cancer has not spread past his ankle and if we amputate his leg, the vet thinks Cid will be fine.  She said he is very healthy otherwise and that removing the leg will be the best thing to do to ensure him a few more years with us.  He is going in for surgery this week,  I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well.  He is going to need lots of loving in the next few weeks and we will be there to give it to him every step of the way.  Hopefully before we know it I will be posting pictures of the cutest three legged dog you have ever seen. :)

2010 at his favorite park