You are looking for something different.  

I hope you found it here.  

You want your wedding to be a reflection of your love, not a production.  You appreciate art. The name of your shoe designer doesn't matter, as long as you can dance in them.   You believe the most important part of your wedding day is the love you share with your partner and the support you feel from your friends and family, that is what you want me to capture.  

 I want to help you remember how much fun you had, and show you the moments you might have missed.  When you look back at your wedding photos I want your images to evoke real feelings. I want to give you something no one else has, images that represent Your love, Your spirit, Your experience.

I am an ALL people friendly photographer. Love is Love. 

As an artist, I explore the moments and relationships that make life divine. I believe that love is the language that art communicates.  I take great pride in creating images that will move you, because you moved me.  My professional work is far too personal to not consider it my art.

I am limited to no more than 10 dates per year.


  • Do you use a second shooter? For weddings over 125 people I do bring a second photographer. For Intimate Weddings it depends on the number of guests and the venue, I prefer to photograph those alone.

  • I don't see any bridal party or family images in your portfolio, do you also take formal portraits? Though, I don't have them in my online portfolio, I do set aside time for formal bridal party and family photos. I can send you a link to a full wedding if you would like to see how I document the entire wedding day.

  • How far in advance should I book you? The sooner the better. I limit the number of weddings I book per year so that I can give my clients the most focused, well rested version of myself. May/June and September/October weddings tend to book out the farthest in advance.

  • How long until I receive my images? I take great care creating, curating, and editing your photos. Portraits sessions are delivered in 2 weeks weddings are delivered within 6-8 weeks.

  • I just want you to shoot Polaroids and 35mm film, is that an option? Absolutely. I can either use only film on your wedding day or, we can set up a session the day before or after your wedding.

  • Does Super 8mm Video have sound? No it’s a silent film. Though, I add music when editing the highlight reel.