Jessica and Craig Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Couples always snicker when they tell me they met in a bar.  I think it is great! What better place to meet?   When you go out,  you are all dolled up, you are surrounded by your friends, you are relaxed, you are having fun.  You are you at your best.  And yes, the alcohol does help with nerves and hesitation.  ;)  When you meet the person you are meant to spend your life with I don't think it matters where you are.  The chemistry is there.  You know when it feels right and to deny that because of where it happened would be a tragedy.  Jessica and Craig met in a bar and a couple of years later they met again at the altar.

Jessica is a little shy, having so much attention on her on her wedding day took a little getting used to.  She had a great group of girls around her to keep her calm and relaxed.  Jessica and Craig saw each other for the first time when Jessica's very proud father walked her down the gorgeous aisle of St. John's Church.  It was amazing to witness.  When Craig took Jessica's hand and walked her up the alter I could see all of Jessica's shyness go away, her smile lit up the church.  Craig was her strength.

I had a wonderful time with Jessica, Craig and all of their family and friends, who traveled from 18 states and as far as Amsterdam to witness their love story.  Thanks for sharing in this special day! :)

Jessica and the girls started at Mi Salon in Florence for hair and makeup..

A classic bridal portrait.Jessica's gorgeous flowers were arranged by the Secret Garden.Craig seeing Jessica for the first time.This one is so special.  Dad giving away his only daughter.   St. John's church in Covington is breathtaking. I drive by this church daily, I had no idea all of this color was going on inside.  I love this!Timeless flower girl attire, I love it!Some of Craig's friends from New Jersey and college celebrating the great garter catch this guy just made.