Maddie and Mark's Sunset Session

Remember Maddie and Mark from yesterday's post?  I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous couple once again a few weeks after their wedding.  We decided to to a natural photo session since their wedding was in the city.  I took them to one of my favorite locations in Kentucky.  What a perfect day.

I love when I get a chance to book these kinds of sessions after the wedding.  It is more relaxed than wedding day because we aren't on a time crunch.  It also gives us a chance to get a larger variety of looks and go to multiple locations.  The ultimate bonus is being able to run through a field of wildflowers without worrying about getting dirty.  Brides pay too much for their dresses to only wear them once.  :)  kentuckyfieldwedding_0879kentuckyfieldwedding_0846kentuckyfieldwedding_0838kentuckyfieldwedding_0839kentuckyfieldwedding_0841kentuckyfieldwedding_0842kentuckyfieldwedding_0843kentuckyfieldwedding_0848kentuckyfieldwedding_0853kentuckyfieldwedding_0854kentuckyfieldwedding_0858kentuckyfieldwedding_0859kentuckyfieldwedding_0861kentuckyfieldwedding_0866kentuckyfieldwedding_0867kentuckyfieldwedding_0868kentuckyfieldwedding_0871kentuckyfieldwedding_0873kentuckyfieldwedding_0875kentuckyfieldwedding_0855kentuckyfieldwedding_0887kentuckyfieldwedding_0840kentuckyfieldwedding_0889

Maddie and Mark's Bell Event Centre Wedding

If you have attended an event or booked your wedding at The Bell Event Centre, you have probably seen Maddie.  She is one of the smiling faces running around making sure everything is running smoothly.  She is the kind of person who makes everyone she is around feel special.  When she contacted me to photograph her wedding, I was very flattered.  I knew it was going to be a very special day.  Maddie, Mark, and all of their friends and family were so gracious.  It was way too fun to call it work.View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: Bell Event Centre looked amazing for their reception.  I love the look on their faces when they saw it. CSC Special Events lit up The Bell beautifully. View More: More: More: More:

Engagement Photos at Devou Park

Spring weather, gorgeous flowers, and a beautiful couple in love.  This is my idea of a way to spend the perfect day.  Brett and Kat were so much fun to photograph.  Their wedding later this year is going to be so much fun, I can't wait!

 Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement photos.devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0001devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0022devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0038devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0033devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0006devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0008devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0009devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0031devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0027devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0019devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0017devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0011devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0014devouparkengagement_nikitagross_0028

Ashely and John's Bell Event Centre Wedding

Their story is one of the best one's I have heard.   John was with a friend who was involved in a small fender bender with Ashley.  He thought she was gorgeous so he asked for her number.  After dating for awhile John took a job in sunny California and Ashley soon followed him there.  Fast forward to now, they are happily married enjoying way better weather than us here in Cincinnati. :)

Their wedding day was one of those rainy fall days we had last month.  I was determined to make sure Ashley and John enjoyed the day without stress so I came up with some unique ideas for pictures.  As I was driving I noticed it was dry under the bridges, and we have plenty in this city, so that is where I took them for some of their pictures.  Everything turned out perfectly.  They had their ceremony and super fun reception at the Bell Event Centre, one of my favorite venues in the city.  The staff always knocks it out of the park with their stellar teamwork and attentiveness.  It was really great celebrating with John and Ashley, what a great end to my wedding season this year! ashleyandjohnbellevententre (22)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (2)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (3)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (4)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (5)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (6)A very unique, and sweet first look. ashleyandjohnbellevententre (7)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (34)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (8)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (9)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (10)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (11)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (12)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (13)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (14)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (15)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (16)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (17)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (37)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (38)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (20)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (21)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (23)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (24)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (25)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (26)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (27)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (28)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (30)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (31)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (32)ashleyandjohnbellevententre (33)

Kate and Erik's Cincinnati Wedding

Kate and Erik had a classic wedding in downtown Cincinnati.  It was one of those amazing fall days when the weather and light gods were on our side.  What sticks out most  about these two is just how well they compliment each other.  They find comfort in each other, something I adore in a couple.  I spent the day with Kate while she got ready with her girls.  Though she didn't seem to be very nervous, I could see a huge sense of relief and happiness come over her when she saw Erik for the first time.  It was awesome to witness.  As we spent a large part of the afternoon taking pictures these two got to enjoy each other and savor every minute.kateanderilbelleventcentre089kateanderilbelleventcentre069kateanderilbelleventcentre070kateanderilbelleventcentre071kateanderilbelleventcentre072kateanderilbelleventcentre079kateanderilbelleventcentre073kateanderilbelleventcentre074kateanderikbelleventcentre_1072kateanderilbelleventcentre075kateanderilbelleventcentre076Kate was a stunning bride. kateanderilbelleventcentre077kateanderikbelleventcentre_1071kateanderilbelleventcentre080kateanderilbelleventcentre082I absolutely love when couples do a first look.  It is such a special moment, and it allows for lots of alone time during the day. kateanderikbelleventcentre_1073kateanderikbelleventcentre_1074kateanderikbelleventcentre_1075kateanderilbelleventcentre083kateanderilbelleventcentre084kateanderilbelleventcentre086kateanderilbelleventcentre087kateanderilbelleventcentre088kateanderilbelleventcentre090kateanderilbelleventcentre091kateanderilbelleventcentre092kateanderilbelleventcentre093kateanderilbelleventcentre094kateanderilbelleventcentre095kateanderilbelleventcentre098kateanderilbelleventcentre099kateanderilbelleventcentre097kateanderilbelleventcentre100kateanderilbelleventcentre101kateanderilbelleventcentre096kateanderilbelleventcentre102kateanderilbelleventcentre103kateanderilbelleventcentre104kateanderikbelleventcentre_1068kateanderikbelleventcentre_1070kateanderikbelleventcentre_1066Ahh this moment is it.  The first embrace alone after becoming husband and wife.  I love when I am able to capture it. kateanderilbelleventcentre105kateanderilbelleventcentre106kateanderikbelleventcentre_1080kateanderilbelleventcentre108After the ceremony we headed to Eden Park for a quick toast with the bridal party.  Kate had some fans. :) kateanderikbelleventcentre_1085kateanderikbelleventcentre_1084kateanderilbelleventcentre109kateanderilbelleventcentre110kateanderikbelleventcentre_1081kateanderikbelleventcentre_1086kateanderilbelleventcentre111The Bell Event Centre is always so spectacular. kateanderikbelleventcentre_1088kateanderikbelleventcentre_1091kateanderilbelleventcentre115

September Love

September, you have been so good to me. :)

I am very grateful for the people who come into my life through photography.  I leave every wedding with a greater appreciation for love.  Photographing weddings is a job that is constantly giving to me, in return I am able to give back by capturing the raw emotion that makes the day so special.  Before I share the full blog posts from these weddings, I wanted to post a few peeks and thank all of my clients for giving me the opportunity to not only document their day, but to also make art with them.  This year, I have felt more free than ever to photograph weddings the way I feel most comfortable.  I have been able to really get in touch with and trust my instincts to create images from my heart.  I wouldn't be able to do this without the trust and confidence I receive from my clients.

Thank you!

Here are a few images from my weddings this month.  (Im actually working ahead of schedule, so my first wedding,  Becca and Greg already have a full blog post here)  I will have full blog posts coming soon.

Jennie and Julie

septemberweddingsnikitagross (1)septemberweddingsnikitagross (2)nikitagrossphotographyseptemberweddingsnikitagross (4)Tina and Joe

septemberweddingsnikitagross (5)septemberweddingsnikitagross (6)septemberweddingsnikitagross (7)septemberweddingsnikitagross (8)septemberweddingsnikitagross (9)Rachel and Brad

septemberweddingsnikitagross (11)septemberweddingsnikitagross (12)septemberweddingsnikitagross (13)septemberweddingsnikitagross (14)Kate and Erik

septemberweddingsnikitagross (15)septemberweddingsnikitagross (20)septemberweddingsnikitagross (19)septemberweddingsnikitagross (18)septemberweddingsnikitagross (21)

Becca and Greg's Ohio Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving to Jackson, Ohio for Becca and Greg's wedding.  The forecast called for rain, instead we got a glorious sky perfect for pictures.  Their wedding was laid back and fun.  Their friends and family were such a pleasure to be around.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Becca and Greg through their wedding planning process,  and I love that Facebook allows me to keep up with their lives.  They will start their new life as husband in Texas where Greg just got an awesome job opportunity.  I am sad to see them go, but so excited for their new adventure together!  Becca and Greg, thank you so much for allowing me to share in this special day with you two.

beccaandgregwinerywedding216beccaandgregwinerywedding217beccaandgregwinerywedding218beccaandgregwinerywedding219beccaandgregwinerywedding220beccaandgregwinerywedding221beccaandgregwinerywedding222beccaandgregwinerywedding223beccaandgregwinerywedding224beccaandgreg253beccaandgreg254beccaandgregwinerywedding225beccaandgregwinerywedding226beccaandgregwinerywedding227beccaandgregwinerywedding228beccaandgregwinerywedding229beccaandgregwinerywedding230beccaandgregwinerywedding231beccaandgregwinerywedding232beccaandgregwinerywedding233becca and greg8beccaandgregwinerywedding234beccaandgregwinerywedding235beccaandgregwinerywedding236beccaandgregwinerywedding237beccaandgregwinerywedding238beccaandgregwinerywedding240beccaandgregwinerywedding241beccaandgregwinerywedding242beccaandgregwinerywedding243beccaandgregwinerywedding244beccaandgregwinerywedding245beccaandgregwinerywedding246beccaandgregwinerywedding248beccaandgregwinerywedding249beccaandgregwinerywedding251beccaandgregwinerywedding252

Rebecca and Greg's Downtown Cincinnati Engagement

When I met Rebecca to talk about her wedding we hit it off right away.  I knew I really wanted to be apart of her wedding after just a few minutes of talking to her.  She smiled a lot, and she was very enthusiastic about the details of her wedding.  She is from a small town in Ohio and is heading back there later this year to marry her best friend Greg.

I met Rebecca and Greg downtown Cincinnati for their engagement session.  We hung around one of my favorite spots talking and getting to know each other better.    Greg told me the story of when he knew Rebecca was the one.  They went to college together.  It was Halloween and he wasn't feeling good.  Instead of going out with friends, Rebecca cancelled plans to stay home to take care of him.  He appreciated her giving heart, he said he knew she was the girl he wanted to be with.  They were both cracking up the whole time he told the story.  I am so excited for their wedding later this year, it's going to be such a good time! downtowncincinnatiengagementdowntowncincinnatiengagement (1)downtowncincinnatiengagement (2)downtowncincinnatiengagement (3)downtowncincinnatiengagement (4)downtowncincinnatiengagement (5)downtowncincinnatiengagement (6)downtowncincinnatiengagement (7)downtowncincinnatiengagement (8)downtowncincinnatiengagement (9)

Kendal and Joe's Pyramid Hill Wedding

Every single thing about Kendal and Joe's wedding was from the heart, personal, and full of love.  They spent many, many months making bird houses, pinwheels, kites, signs, a custom photo booth backdrop, and the most amazing altar I have ever seen.  They wanted their wedding to represent their fun personalities.  I was was bouncing around the park like a kid in a colorful candy store admiring and photographing all of the details.

Kendal and Joe decided to see each other before the wedding so we arranged a first look at the park.  Joe, who is a master of all trades,  was running a little behind because he had to sew a button for one of his groomsmen.  When he arrived at the park I got to witness one of the most special moments of my career so far.  When Kendal walked up to Joe and tapped him on the shoulder it was like an explosion of nerves was released, you could see and feel it.  It was very emotional, I had to fight back tears while shooting.  They found so much comfort in each other.  Their love was radiating.  This is why I always encourage my clients to see each other before the ceremony.  Moments like that are what memories are made of.

Though Kendal and Joe spent a lot of time curating the perfect wedding the one thing, the most important thing I remember about the day was that big, colorful love they share for each other.  Their friends and family were so supportive and happy for them.  It was such a treat to be around.  I have been smiling so much editing these.

Thank you to everyone who made the day even more special for Kendal and Joe.

 Venue: Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park Event and Floral Design: Marti's Floral Designs Invites, Signs, Programs: Pinwheel Print Shop  Custom Cake Topper: Melting Pot Love Photo Booth: Framster Kendal's Dress:  European Bridal Jewelery: Macy's/Kate Spade Shoes: Seychelles Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie Flowergirl Dress:  Gap Joe's Suit: Egara Guy's Shoes: Vans  Guy's Ties: Original Penguin Handmade Altar, wood signs, birdhouses, decor: DIY by the bride, groom, and family  Guest Book Tree: Bleu de toi Cookies: Cookies by Sue
Cupcakes/Cake: JoJo’s cupcakes DJ: Jonathan Klein Ceremony Musician: Bryan McCartney Save the Dates: Hullaballoo
Wood Cupcake Sign, Chair Covers, Birds of a feather sign, and Fields sign:   Mimi’s Vintage Signs
Caterer: Jeanettes Delicacies Photo Assistant:  Andrew Ducker

P.S.  One of their images is featured on the real weddings section of Huffington Post!  How cool is that?!

pyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingfieldswedding-857fieldswedding-914fieldswedding-847pyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill wedding pyramid hill wedding pyramid hill wedding pyramid hill wedding pyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingfieldswedding-651pyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill weddingpyramid hill wedding

Carly and Ryan's lake house wedding Published in Kentucky Bride Magazine

YEAH!!  Carly and Ryan's lake house house wedding is featured in the newest issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine.  Their wedding was so personal and super laid back.  I am happy to see their pictures made it to print.  :)

See more images from their wedding here.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.32.13 PMKBM SummerFall 2014 - Cover Photo by Leslee Mitchell Photography - web

Kate and Erik's Clifton Engagement Session

I met Kate and Erik in the gaslight part of Clifton for their engagement session.  Though they no longer live in Cincinnati, they spent a lot of time in this part of town throughout their college years.  It was nice getting to know them and hearing about how they met.   Kate and Erik met back in the Myspace days. Erik's band  at the time Till Plains had a show and Kate went to see them.   Little did she know she was going to meet her future husband that night.  They spent some time as friends, going to shows and hanging out.  Eventually friendship turned into love.  I am looking forward to their wedding next year. 

Christina and Brandon's Fall Cincinnati Wedding

This is my last wedding of the year and it is another beautiful one!  Christina and Brandon were married at The Bell Event Centre.  It was a gorgeous fall day full of lots of color and sunshine.  Christina looked stunning in her dress from Kotsovos.  These two currently live in Chicago, but are originally from the Cincinnati area.  Friends and family came from all over the country to help celebrate their love.  It was a classy night filled with tons of fun, I was happy to be part of it!

I started the day at Christina's parents house, where the girls got ready.  As soon as I saw this window I knew I had to use it for a dramatic bridal portrait.

So pretty!  Christina's makeup is by Brideface and Jen Nally styled her hair.   We had to include a little bit of Cincinnati into their pictures. The guys looked sharp in their gray suits and paisley print ties. I love the way the color of the girl's dresses popped with the fall colors. The beautiful Bell.

Lindsay and David's Kentucky Wedding

I shot this super fun wedding at the Leapin Lizard in Covington last month.  Lindsay and David were a blast to be around.  Peacock feathers, jewel tones, an eclectic venue, a bride who sings beautifully, and a whole lot of love are what made this wedding so special.  I am thrilled they chose me to photograph it.

Venue: Leaping Lizard Wedding Coordinator:  Your Wedding by Jen Band:  The Chuck Taylors Bouquets: Marti's Floral Designs

Lindsay wore her late grandmother's ring.  So pretty.Stunning!  I loved her dress.Marti's Floral Design made the bouquets.  I like that she  added a twist on the brooch bouquet with the fabric flowers. Our transportation...a party on wheels.  So much fun!Lindsay's sister sang a song to the couple during the ceremony.  Highlight of my night seeing Lindsay sing.  She has a beautiful voice.  She and her sister are in a band called Tempted Souls.

Carly and Ryan's Boathouse Engagement

I took a beautiful drive up to Jamestown, Ohio for Carly and Ryan's engagement session.  They are getting married next year here at Carly's family vacation house.  The house sits on a gorgeous lake.  After a warm greeting by Carly and her family,  I was given a tour of the ceremony/reception location.  Talk about being giddy with excitement.  I love backyard weddings that are comfortable, laid back, and full of personal touches.  It was so nice getting to know Carly and Ryan and hearing all about their love story.  They were so sweet together, laughing and joking the entire time I was shooting.

I drove home with a huge smile plastered on my face, attitudes are contagious and being around love makes me happy.  I cant wait until their wedding!  This is Carly and Ryan's sweet daughter.  

Sarah and Karen's Northside Cincinnati Engagement

I love when couples choose locations that have special meaning to them for their photo sessions.  It makes the shoot so much more personal.  I met Sarah and Karen in Northside for this very sweet engagement session.  Northside is where they had their first date and their first kiss.  It was a real pleasure getting to know these two and hearing all about their love story.  Unfortunately, the state of Ohio still has a ban on gay marriage so Sarah and Karen are officially getting married later this year in New York.  They will be having a commitment ceremony at the Bell Event Centre .  I am honored they want me there to photograph it.

Special thanks to Rachel at Brideface for dolling the girls up for the shoot, they looked fantastic! I met Sarah and Karen at the Northside Tavern, where we planned on taking a few photos.  There was a wedding reception at the bar and I could not get in due to a line down the street.  I spotted Karen in the window and decided to shoot from outside instead.  I love the way these turned out.  Magic.Northside is full of color and interesting art.  We had a little fun with some of the wall murals. :)Love. Sidewinder Coffeshop where they had their first date. We headed over to Covington to get some images along the river. 

Hannah and Jimmy's Military Engagement Session

August seems to be a tough month for soldiers.  Two members of my family have been called to duty and lately I have been getting a lot of inquiries from military couples who are interested in setting up a photo shoot before their significant other leaves.  I hate that these couples will be separated for such a long period of time, but I am very happy I get to help them create special memories they will be able to hold onto while they are away.  Part of what I love about my job and what I think I'm pretty good at is allowing the couples I photograph to really connect during the shoot.  I encourage a lot of kissing and touching.   Getting your picture taken can be a little nerve racking.  By finding comfort in each other I am able to capture real moments, and if kissing embarrasses you then I usually get to capture a pretty amazing laugh. :)  I like to give people a good variety of intimate images and nice formal pictures.

Hannah and Jimmy have been together for five years.  They are planning their wedding for next August.  I was happy to hear they wanted to sneak in an engagement shoot before Jimmy leaves for Afghanistan.  They were both down to earth and we had a great time driving all over Kentucky to take these images.  I just love how good Hannah's red dress looks with Jimmy's military fatigues.  Lots of love to you Jimmy, stay safe. :)

Courteney and Drew's Circus Themed Wedding

Courteney and Drew were married at the beautiful Meadow View Farm in Union, Kentucky.  This circus themed wedding was full of creativity!  Courteney looked absolutely stunning, and it was a real pleasure watching Drew admire his new wife throughout the day.  This wedding was full of color,  laughter, and excitement, I loved it!  There were circus performers, a hot air balloon, rides, games, carnival food, and a ton of fun.  This is a lengthy post, but I just couldn't help myself so.  Enjoy!

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who helped make Courteney and Drew's wedding so special and unique!

    Venue: Meadow View Farms Wedding Coordinator: Your Wedding by Jen Tent: Advantage Tents Food: Be Creative Catering, Cappy's Caramel Corn Flowers and Event Design: Marti's Floral Design Invitations: Five Dot Design Videographer: Cinevita DJ: Jake the Ripper   Hot Air Balloon: Balloon Impressions Dress: Fabulous Bridal  Shoes: Toms  Photo Booth: Showtime Photobooth My Amazing assistant/second shooter: Andrew Ducker

Marti's Floral Design blew me away once again!  Look at these flowers!!!Kristen of Five Dot Design set the mood for the event with these super cool invitations.

Lindsay and David Cincinnati Engagement

I had a blast photographing Lindsay and David around downtown Cincinnati.  They are laid back and fun, my favorite kind of people to be around.  I am super excited for their wedding at Leaping Lizard later this year.  Lindsay is not only gorgeous, but also a talented musician.  She is the singer in a blues band called Tempted Souls.  You can check out her band Saturday at Grandview Tavern in Kentucky.

Allison and Josh Bell Event Centre Wedding

My first wedding of the year couldn't have been a more perfect one.  Allison and Josh were married the elegant Bell Event Centre.  Allison was a stunning bride.  I adore how much Josh let her know over and over again how beautiful she looked.  It was a gorgeous spring day surrounded by lots of smiles and so much love.  I was truly wowed by how gracious Allison, Josh, and all of their family was.  Thank you so much for including me in your special day!

  The amazing vendors who helped make Allison and Josh's day extra special...Venue: The Bell Event Centre Officiant: Bill Proud Cake: The Bonbonerie (I had a slice of the opera creme and it was heavenly) Flowers: Swan Floral Dress: Martina Liana Hair Flower: Sara Gabriel Shoes: Jimmy Choo Makeup: Kelly Ledford with Cinci Makeup  DJ: Party Pleasers My amazing assistant/second shooter:  Andrew Ducker

Allison's super hot Jimmy Choo shoes.

Laura and Eric's Cincinnati Engagement

Laura and Eric came all the way from Virginia Beach, where they are both architects for their engagement session.  Laura who is from Cincinnati met Eric while attending grad school at the University of Cincinnati.  After school they both got jobs in Virginia Beach, where Eric is originally from. They decided they wanted to have their wedding here in Cincinnati.  I was thrilled when I received an email from Laura saying she was looking for a photographer who is fun, has a bit of an artistic edge, and finds beauty in even the smallest things...totally me!  I am looking forward to their wedding next month at the beautiful  Krippendorf Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center.