Aelisa and Brandon's Krippendorf Lodge Wedding

I met Aelisa for the first time about a month before her wedding.  When I asked to tell me about the details of the day, she said she wanted no traditional elements, she didn't even have a dress yet,  I loved her carefree attitude.  All that mattered to her was that she and Brandon were able to celebrate their love with all of their close friends and family.   Their  low key wedding took place at Krippendorf Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center.  This is one of my favorite places to shoot.  The lodge is cozy,  the courtyard is gorgeous at night, the staff is outstanding, and I am truly in my element shooting anywhere that involves trees and water. :)  I had a wonderful time at this wedding.   Coincidentally during dinner, I was seated with some of Aelisa's friends who are from Seattle.   I am taking a trip there next month, so I was able to pick their brain a little about things to do.  I appreciate the advice guys!

I loved the cute wood burned coasters they gave as  favors.Courtenay Lambert Florals  brought lots of color to the event with her amazing flowers.  I have never seen roses this big, beautiful.