Courtney And Sam's Josephina Center Wedding

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling about 40 minutes into Kentucky to photograph Courtney and Sam's beautiful wedding at the Josephine Center.  It was a hot day, but that didn't stop us from having a blast.  Courtney blew my mind when she walked out in her off the rack dress that fit her like a glove.  Nothing inspires me more than love, and these two shared it freely with each other and everyone at their wedding.  I am grateful for the opportunity to spend such a special day with these beautiful people.  Thank you Courtney and Sam.

Also, thank you Dana Rogers for being an amazing second shooter for the day. Josephina wedding_1001Josephina wedding_1006 Josephina wedding_1007 Josephina wedding_1008 Josephina wedding_1009 Josephina wedding_1010 Josephina wedding_1011 Josephina wedding_1012 Josephina wedding_1013 Josephina wedding_1014Josephina wedding_1016 Josephina wedding_1017 Josephina wedding_1018 Josephina wedding_1019 Josephina wedding_1020 Josephina wedding_1021 Josephina wedding_1022 Josephina wedding_1023 Josephina wedding_1024 Josephina wedding_1025 Josephina wedding_1026 Josephina wedding_1027Josephina wedding_1030 Josephina wedding_1031Josephina wedding_1004Josephina wedding_1034 Josephina wedding_1035Josephina wedding_1054Josephina wedding_1037 Josephina wedding_1038 Josephina wedding_1039 Josephina wedding_1040Josephina wedding_1005Josephina wedding_1041 Josephina wedding_1042 Josephina wedding_1043 Josephina wedding_1044Josephina wedding_1048 Josephina wedding_1052Josephina wedding_1049 Josephina wedding_1050 Josephina wedding_1051

Maddie and Mark's Sunset Session

Remember Maddie and Mark from yesterday's post?  I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous couple once again a few weeks after their wedding.  We decided to to a natural photo session since their wedding was in the city.  I took them to one of my favorite locations in Kentucky.  What a perfect day.

I love when I get a chance to book these kinds of sessions after the wedding.  It is more relaxed than wedding day because we aren't on a time crunch.  It also gives us a chance to get a larger variety of looks and go to multiple locations.  The ultimate bonus is being able to run through a field of wildflowers without worrying about getting dirty.  Brides pay too much for their dresses to only wear them once.  :)  kentuckyfieldwedding_0879kentuckyfieldwedding_0846kentuckyfieldwedding_0838kentuckyfieldwedding_0839kentuckyfieldwedding_0841kentuckyfieldwedding_0842kentuckyfieldwedding_0843kentuckyfieldwedding_0848kentuckyfieldwedding_0853kentuckyfieldwedding_0854kentuckyfieldwedding_0858kentuckyfieldwedding_0859kentuckyfieldwedding_0861kentuckyfieldwedding_0866kentuckyfieldwedding_0867kentuckyfieldwedding_0868kentuckyfieldwedding_0871kentuckyfieldwedding_0873kentuckyfieldwedding_0875kentuckyfieldwedding_0855kentuckyfieldwedding_0887kentuckyfieldwedding_0840kentuckyfieldwedding_0889

Katie and Kevin's B&B Riverboat Wedding

I have so many weddings from last year to share.  I figured since we are covered in snow and freezing cold why not start with a nice summer wedding.   I had the pleasure of spending July 4th with Kevin and Katie on the B&B Riverboat for their laid back, intimate wedding.  The day was a lot of fun.  My favorite part was when Kevin got out his guitar and sang for Katie, I am such a lush for special moments like that.

Before the boat took off along the river, we jumped off for a few minutes to capture some nice portraits.  I really like the one below a lot. bbriverboatweddingb&briverboatweddingb&briverboatwedding (1)b&briverboatwedding (2)b&briverboatwedding (3)b&briverboatwedding (4)b&briverboatwedding (5)b&briverboatwedding (6)b&briverboatwedding (7)b&briverboatwedding (8)b&briverboatwedding (11)b&briverboatwedding (12)b&briverboatwedding (13)b&briverboatwedding (14)b&briverboatwedding (15)b&briverboatwedding (16)b&briverboatwedding (17)b&briverboatwedding (18)b&briverboatwedding (19)b&briverboatwedding (20)b&briverboatwedding (21)b&briverboatwedding (22)b&briverboatwedding (24)b&briverboatwedding (25)b&briverboatwedding (26)b&briverboatwedding (27)b&briverboatwedding (28)b&briverboatwedding (29)b&briverboatwedding (30)b&briverboatwedding (31)b&briverboatwedding (32)b&briverboatwedding (33)b&briverboatwedding (34)b&briverboatwedding (35)b&briverboatwedding (36)b&briverboatwedding (37)b&briverboatwedding (38)b&briverboatwedding (39)b&briverboatwedding (40)b&briverboatwedding (41)b&briverboatwedding (42)b&briverboatwedding (43)b&briverboatwedding (44)b&briverboatwedding (45)b&briverboatwedding (46)b&briverboatwedding (47)b&briverboatwedding (48)b&briverboatwedding (49)b&briverboatwedding (51)b&briverboatwedding (52)b&briverboatwedding (53)

Kristen and Sean's Kentucky Engagement Session

Beautiful fall weather and so much love.  This one was very special for me.  I got to hang out and watch these two compliment each other perfectly.

 After a long friendship, with lots of flirting, Kristen and Sean's  relationship revealed itself as love.  They were drawn to each other and couldn't deny it any longer.   I asked them when they knew it was the real thing.  Kristen responded,  "I knew it was real one day when we were watching TV together, he leaned over to scratch my back.   It was the first time we touched in a different way.  He said " I knew when I took her for a long bike ride.  She had been holding onto me all day.  I knew she was the one."

They let down their guards and really felt each other,  their hearts opened up to the love that they had for each other.   So sweet.


Sara and Jeremy's Wedding at The Barn at Cedar Grove

Alright so this is the longest blog post I have ever done, but I just can't help it.  This wedding is very personal for me.  Sara and Jeremy have been very good friends of mine for many years.  When I heard they got engaged I knew I had to be the one to photograph it.  Anyone who knows these two can tell you they are the kindest souls you will meet.   Being part of their wedding celebration was an honor.  All of their close friends and family headed around 3 hours to The Barn at Cedar Grove for their wedding.   We spent the weekend sharing stories about Sara and Jeremy while enjoying  a break from the city.  We drank, we danced, we sang, we laughed, we saw stars, we almost sunk a boat.  It was a spectacular wedding weekend.  The wedding had so many personal touches.  Sara made most of the decor.  She has been saving bottles for what seems like forever preparing.  Their good friend Rich officiated.  Music was provided by their friends Stuart and Maya.  Jeremy and his band The Tongue and Lips performed a special song for Sara and her dad.  Everything was full to the brim with heart.  I came home with the biggest smile on my face.  I am still smiling as I go through and relive the day through these pictures.  Thank you so much for your love and friendship Sara and Jeremy.  And thank you for letting me be the one to capture your wedding.  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

See Sara and Jeremy's super fun engagement session here and the behind the scenes video we made here. 

farmwedding1 (7)farmweddingfull_nikitagross_0125farmwedding (4)farmwedding (5)Sara found two dresses she liked on Etsy.  She worked with Ashley from Casablanca Vintage to create something that totally fit her style. farmwedding (9)Sara's Free People headpiece was the perfect accessory to such an awesome dress. full_nikitagross_0124farmwedding (6)farmwedding (8)Jeremy spent his time before the wedding rehearsing with his band. farmwedding (3)farmwedding (52)farmwedding (10)farmwedding (12)farmwedding (11)farmwedding (13)farmwedding (14)farmwedding (15)farmwedding (17)farmwedding (16)farmwedding (18)farmwedding (19)full_nikitagross_0126Sara's best friend/maid of honor, Emily made the fabric alter decor.  So pretty. farmwedding (20)full_nikitagross_0130farmwedding (21)farmwedding (22)farmwedding (23)farmwedding1 (8)farmwedding1 (6)farmwedding1farmwedding1 (4)full_nikitagross_0127farmwedding (24)farmwedding (25)Sara's friend Lauren designed this beautiful cake for the couple. farmwedding (26)farmwedding (27)farmwedding1 (9)farmwedding1 (1)farmwedding1 (3)farmwedding (28)Seriously though, Have you ever seen a bride play wiffle ball at their wedding?! farmwedding (29)farmwedding (30)farmwedding (31)farmwedding (32)farmwedding (33)farmwedding (35)farmwedding (34)Sara and Jeremy's friend Brent (pictures above left getting down) made this awesome marquee.farmwedding (37)farmwedding (38)farmwedding (39)Sara and Jeremy are both artists.  They gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted with their pictures, so we made lots of art using Polaroids and my iPhone. farmwedding (40)farmwedding (42)farmwedding (45)farmwedding (47)farmwedding (48)farmwedding (50)More polaroids of a little bit of everything. farmwedding (36)This is an iPhone picture shot by my awesome assistant for the day, my boyfriend Chris.  It still blows my mind.  So dreamy! farmwedding (54)

Samantha and Heather's Backyard Wedding

Samantha and Heather's intimate ceremony was held in the backyard of a beautiful home owned by dear friends.  It was a gorgeous afternoon full of laughter and love.  Their close friends and family helped make the day extra special for the girls by helping with the food, flowers, and decor.  Samantha and Heather walked around with huge smiles on their faces all day.  At one point in the day I noticed Samantha tearing up, Heather asked her if she was ok.  As Samantha looked over at all of the faces of support and love she replied, "I am just so happy."  It was a moment I never want to forget.  It was a moment that reassured me, that I was right where I needed to be.  Celebrating love, documenting it, being part of something so special is the best feeling in the world.  Samantha and Heather, thank you for letting me be part of such an amazing day.  My hope for you is a lifetime of the happiness you felt on this day.intimatewedding001intimatewedding002intimatewedding003intimatewedding004intimatewedding006intimatewedding010intimatewedding007intimatewedding008intimatewedding009intimatewedding011intimatewedding012intimatewedding013intimatewedding014intimatewedding015intimatewedding016intimatewedding017intimatewedding019intimatewedding020intimatewedding021intimatewedding022intimatewedding023intimatewedding024intimatewedding025intimatewedding026intimatewedding027intimatewedding028intimatewedding029intimatewedding030intimatewedding031intimatewedding032intimatewedding033intimatewedding034Samantha and Heather are both teachers who love to read.  They used books for their table decor.  The guests were invited to take them home at the end of the day. DSC_9185intimatewedding035intimatewedding036

Gina and Tanner's Drees Pavilion Reception

I photographed Gina and Tanner's intimate ceremony earlier this year.  Welcome to part 2 of their celebration, the reception.  We started at Gina's parents house, then moved to beautiful Dree's Pavilion in Devou Park.  The day started out rainy and gloomy, but not for long.  The sun came out just in time for us to capture some really pretty images.  Notice how big Gina's smile is in every single picture.  The love these two share was wonderful to witness.  Thank you for the amazing evening Gina and Tanner!

Caroline and Stephen's Cincinnati Wedding

  Caroline and Stephen's had a little hard luck right before the wedding.  A car gone missing, dryers blowing up, cell phones breaking.  There wasnt one time during their wedding, even for a minute that I felt any kind of  stress from either of them.  Instead they both were 100% present enjoying every moment of generous love and affection they were surrounded by on their wedding day.  From the moment they saw each other for the first time, which was one of the sweetest moments in the history of my wedding career, they looked at each other and held each other full of pure happiness.  Thank you for the fabulous day Caroline and Stephen.

See Caroline and Stephen's engagement in Rabbit Hash, Ky. session here.

Ft Thomas Florist created romantic bouquets and flower arrangements that were dreamy. Their very sweet first look at each other.  Thank you to my amazing second shooter Andrew for helping me cover it  so well. Their romantic reception was at the Bell Event Centre.

Aelisa and Brandon's Krippendorf Lodge Wedding

I met Aelisa for the first time about a month before her wedding.  When I asked to tell me about the details of the day, she said she wanted no traditional elements, she didn't even have a dress yet,  I loved her carefree attitude.  All that mattered to her was that she and Brandon were able to celebrate their love with all of their close friends and family.   Their  low key wedding took place at Krippendorf Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center.  This is one of my favorite places to shoot.  The lodge is cozy,  the courtyard is gorgeous at night, the staff is outstanding, and I am truly in my element shooting anywhere that involves trees and water. :)  I had a wonderful time at this wedding.   Coincidentally during dinner, I was seated with some of Aelisa's friends who are from Seattle.   I am taking a trip there next month, so I was able to pick their brain a little about things to do.  I appreciate the advice guys!

I loved the cute wood burned coasters they gave as  favors.Courtenay Lambert Florals  brought lots of color to the event with her amazing flowers.  I have never seen roses this big, beautiful.

Stephanie and Chris' Kentucky Engagement Session

I met Stephanie and Chris at their house on one of those rare warm winter days we had right before Christmas.  We took a few pictures with their sweet dog, Lola and then headed out Route 8 along the river in Kentucky.  It was nice getting to know them.  After about 5 minutes in the car I felt like I was hanging out with friends.  ;) They are getting married in a few months in a friend's backyard in Campbell County, my favorite kind of wedding.  Stephanie has so many neat ideas, I cant wait to see it all come together.  Thanks for the fun day Stephanie and Chris, cant wait until the wedding.    

Megan and Ryan's Williamstown Lake Kentucky Engagement

Megan and Ryan's love story is so sweet.  Their parents have been best friends their entire life, so they pretty much grew up together.  It wasn't until they were stuck on a cruise ship together for a family vacation that they realized their life long friendship had turned into love.  And now they are getting married, how exciting!   We did their engagement photos at Megan's family lake house on Williamstown lake.  The wonderful thing about Kentucky is the farther south you go, the more beautiful it gets.  I love these photo.

Lindsay and David's Kentucky Wedding

I shot this super fun wedding at the Leapin Lizard in Covington last month.  Lindsay and David were a blast to be around.  Peacock feathers, jewel tones, an eclectic venue, a bride who sings beautifully, and a whole lot of love are what made this wedding so special.  I am thrilled they chose me to photograph it.

Venue: Leaping Lizard Wedding Coordinator:  Your Wedding by Jen Band:  The Chuck Taylors Bouquets: Marti's Floral Designs

Lindsay wore her late grandmother's ring.  So pretty.Stunning!  I loved her dress.Marti's Floral Design made the bouquets.  I like that she  added a twist on the brooch bouquet with the fabric flowers. Our transportation...a party on wheels.  So much fun!Lindsay's sister sang a song to the couple during the ceremony.  Highlight of my night seeing Lindsay sing.  She has a beautiful voice.  She and her sister are in a band called Tempted Souls.

Sarah and Karen's Northside Cincinnati Engagement

I love when couples choose locations that have special meaning to them for their photo sessions.  It makes the shoot so much more personal.  I met Sarah and Karen in Northside for this very sweet engagement session.  Northside is where they had their first date and their first kiss.  It was a real pleasure getting to know these two and hearing all about their love story.  Unfortunately, the state of Ohio still has a ban on gay marriage so Sarah and Karen are officially getting married later this year in New York.  They will be having a commitment ceremony at the Bell Event Centre .  I am honored they want me there to photograph it.

Special thanks to Rachel at Brideface for dolling the girls up for the shoot, they looked fantastic! I met Sarah and Karen at the Northside Tavern, where we planned on taking a few photos.  There was a wedding reception at the bar and I could not get in due to a line down the street.  I spotted Karen in the window and decided to shoot from outside instead.  I love the way these turned out.  Magic.Northside is full of color and interesting art.  We had a little fun with some of the wall murals. :)Love. Sidewinder Coffeshop where they had their first date. We headed over to Covington to get some images along the river. 

Hannah and Jimmy's Military Engagement Session

August seems to be a tough month for soldiers.  Two members of my family have been called to duty and lately I have been getting a lot of inquiries from military couples who are interested in setting up a photo shoot before their significant other leaves.  I hate that these couples will be separated for such a long period of time, but I am very happy I get to help them create special memories they will be able to hold onto while they are away.  Part of what I love about my job and what I think I'm pretty good at is allowing the couples I photograph to really connect during the shoot.  I encourage a lot of kissing and touching.   Getting your picture taken can be a little nerve racking.  By finding comfort in each other I am able to capture real moments, and if kissing embarrasses you then I usually get to capture a pretty amazing laugh. :)  I like to give people a good variety of intimate images and nice formal pictures.

Hannah and Jimmy have been together for five years.  They are planning their wedding for next August.  I was happy to hear they wanted to sneak in an engagement shoot before Jimmy leaves for Afghanistan.  They were both down to earth and we had a great time driving all over Kentucky to take these images.  I just love how good Hannah's red dress looks with Jimmy's military fatigues.  Lots of love to you Jimmy, stay safe. :)

Katie and Chris Cincinnati Art Museum Wedding

Chris and Katie's wedding is my last wedding of the year and let me just say I am going out with a giant pink bang!! This wedding was full of so much style and personality.  I loved everything about it. See Chris and Katie's Keeneland engagement session here.

Katie's dress she purchased at European Bridal fit her personality perfect. So cute and so much fun! I love the pink shoes! All of her girls signed special messages to her on the bottom.

Yes, even her ring is pink!Katie is an amazing designer, she made her invitations and program with artwork she created herself.All of the girl's wore gorgeous magenta dresses accesorized with a Neckalina.  Katie and her BFF Valerie are the duo behind KaVatee, an awesome company that makes these 3 in 1 accessories.  They are so hot!  Check out their website here. Chris looking dapper. :)I love this one! Katie and Valerie, the duo behind KaVatee.

The Cincinnati Art Museum, one of  my new favorite venues!  Thanks so much to Meggie, the museum's wedding coordinator  for  once again for making sure things ran flawlessly. Katie's creativity was everywhere.  Almost all of her decor is DIY.  She created all of the canvases and framed signs as well as the centerpieces.  Check out how cool her card holder is. And just when you think the party is over....Katie comes out with a pink limbo stick, YES!!  Thanks to my awesome assistant Andrew for capturing this one, the limbo winner!

Tiffany and Andy's Kentucky Wedding

You might remember these two from their engagement session I posted here.  Tiffany and Andy were married last month in front of their closest friends and family.  It was a gorgeous day full of lots of love and lots of emotion.  Tiffany was such a pretty bride and Andy was on of the proudest grooms I have ever seen. I had so much fun at this wedding.  Thanks for having me Tiffany and Andy!


This past weekend Natasha and Hank's DIY farm wedding got an amazing 2 part feature on Borrowed and Blue!  See part one here and part two here.

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Katie and Chris Keeneland Engagement Session

Last week I drove to Lexington for this special engagement session at Keeneland.  These two were so awesome to be around.  Katie is full of so much energy and Chris loves to sit back and watch her go. :) They balance each other out perfectly.  Chris is a firefighter in Lexington and Katie is a designer whose company Kavatee, which she started with a a friend from Design School, is launching a really  awesome new product, the Neckalina this Friday.  See their feature on Cincy Chic. Katie is wearing a necklace from the collection in these photos. It is too cute!  I adore the vintage dress she picked up on Etsy too.

Katie and Chris, I am so excited for your wedding at the Cincinnati Art Museum later this year! Thanks for choosing me to be part of it. :)

Tiffany and Andy's Kentucky Engagement

I love to hear the stories about how my clients met. Tiffany and Andy were set up by a friend.  They both went out of their comfort zones and decided to meet on a blind date.  They have been together ever since. I love that.  They took a risk on love and it totally paid off.  Andy proposed to Tiffany a few years later in one of their favorite cities, Nashville.

I am very excited about their wedding next month.  I grew up in the same town as Tiffany and I absolutely adore her family.  I cant wait to catch up with them at the wedding!