Welcome to the world little August

If you follow my blog, this family should look very familiar to you.  From their engagement session , their wedding, their maternity session and now as we welcome their sweet little son August into the world,  I am so thrilled and honored to be invited into their lives to share and document these milestones.  Being a new mother made taking newborn photos even more special to me.  I was able to relive and feel their joy on a whole new level.  Seeing the tremendous love they have for their sweet son was so refreshing.  I caught myself tearing up a few times as so many memories of my own son's first days came rushing back to me.   I wanted to tell them over and over to savor every second.  Somehow becoming a parent seems to speed up time.  But I also promised them what everyone has told them, with each new day it gets better and better.  <3fields_newborn_1193fields_newborn_1194fields_newborn_1196fields_newborn_1195fields_newborn_1198fields_newborn_1197fields_newborn_1199fields_newborn_1200fields_newborn_1201fields_newborn_1202fields_newborn_1203fields_newborn_1191fields_newborn_1204fields_newborn_1205