Mya Cincinnati Family Photographer

This is Mya,  she is turning two in a few weeks.  She is the daughter of another one of the Amanda's in my life.  I enjoy photographing her any chance I can get, do you blame me?  Amanda, you really need to get this child into modeling asap.  She loves the camera and the camera absolutely loves her.

She  looks like a little doll here.

Okay, how cute is this outfit?  Aunt Nikita bought it for her birthday.  I have four nephews so buying girl's clothes is a treat for me.  There is so much cool stuff out there for little girls.  Since we did lots of soft photos in grass for her last birthday session, we wanted this one to have a funky urban feel so we turned her into a little rocker chick. This dress is perfect for the location. Cute, cute, cute! I am loving this light. Look at her working the camera. Birthday girl. So sweet. We took a little break to play for awhile. A little admirer came over to sit next to her while we were photographing.  She is a future heart breaker for sure! Did I mention she is barely two? Love you Amanda and Mya!

Thanks for spending the evening with me in my neighborhood.