Kat and Andrew's Spring Grove Wedding

It was serendipitous the way Kat and I met.  She was visiting The Lodge, where my studio is to go over details for her wedding reception that was to be held there.  She and her fiancé were planning  a small wedding at Spring Grove Cemetery.  As she talked about the day I was secretly thinking how cool it would be to photograph it.  Since it was only a couple of weeks away, I assumed she already had a photographer.  Fast forward a few days, Kat contacted me to discuss hiring me to photograph her wedding.  She wanted ceremony coverage and creative portraits and gave me creative freedom to do whatever I wanted.  I was thrilled to work with them.  We have been so lucky with the weather this fall, their wedding day was not excluded.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day starting with a wicked Polaroid.


Raven's Senior Portraits

Raven is one of the most creative, kind hearted young spirits I know.  For her senior pictures she wanted to do something different.  She told me she wanted her pictures to be " super trippy,  late 60s dreamy".  My heart could explode when I get these kinds of requests.  I interpret that into trust your gut and make some art.  She was a beautiful muse to create with.  I brought lots os film and all of my magic cameras.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  nikitagross_1850nikitagross_1857Raven is amazing with her hoop.  I have been obsessed with the videos she posts on social media.  What a beautiful form of expression!  We had to include it in her pictures. nikitagross_1849I have been experimenting with a lot of different film lately.  I love the look of this one.nikitagross_1853nikitagross_1867nikitagross_1844nikitagross_1864We snuck in a couple of polaroids on Impossible Project film. nikitagross_1880nikitagross_1879nikitagross_1875nikitagross_1874nikitagross_1847nikitagross_1848nikitagross_1877nikitagross_1861nikitagross_1862