Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

Jordan did a Boudoir session for her husband as a Christmas gift a little over a year ago.  She had such an amazing time and her hubby loved it so much she decided to do it again!  Her husband is in medical school in Arizona, she wanted to give him a special gift before she joins him later this month.  Her last shoot took place in a lovely Bed&Breakfast.  We wanted to change things up this time and decided to shoot outside.  I would like to thank Jordan for allowing me to share her images with you today. Through our experiences of shooting together we have become good friends.  Good luck with your new adventure Jordan, Im gonna miss my little British Bombshell!  xx

I got to work with an awesome creative team on this shoot.  Thanks to Shane Weber for the fabulous color and styling of Jordan's hair and Christine Rice for glamming her up with gorgeous makeup.

See Jordan's first Boudoir session here and a session I did for her and her hubby Kent here.