Olivia and Carson's Cincinnati Engagement

Olivia and Carson drove up from Louisville for their engagement session. Olivia is studying architecture so she suggested we meet at the Contemporary Art Center downtown.  The building, designed by Zaha Hadid is a work of art in itself.   We got lucky inside as we stumbled into the Unmuseum where there were two interactive exhibits we spent some time in.  I loved playing with the lights and reflections.  What an inspiring day!  Thank you for the amazing afternoon Olivia and Carson.

cacengagement_1495cacengagement_1496cacengagement_1497cacengagement_1498cacengagement_1499cacengagement_1503cacengagement_1505cacengagement_1507cacengagement_1508After the art center, we headed to one of my favorite parks.  We were lucky to experience some really beautiful light and color. cacengagement_1510cacengagement_1511cacengagement_1512cacengagement_1513cacengagement_1514cacengagement_1515